Thursday, November 5, 2009

Exhibit "A"

My husband thinks he's a character.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. And I've only written one sentence.

As you know we have little unspoken rules in our house. You know for a quick refresher, the one about the last one in bed has to turn out the lights.

Well there are rules in the car too. Three to be exact.

For example, there are two cup holders in our Monte Carlo, one by the radio and one back closer to the seats. The driver gets the one closer to the seats because it is easier to get as it allows for the driver to not have to take his or her eyes off the road.

You cannot tickle the driver not even at a stoplight.

And finally, what we're here to discuss tonight...the passenger of the car has to get out at all convenience stops along the road.

Now, tonight we headed out to my parents to watch Grey's and to also see my sister in from college. I was really excited about seeing my sister. I was in my comfy shoes and pjs as well because we spend Thursday nights at my parents for Grey's and Private Practice. It's a time of comfort food, the weekly gossip and just spending time with the family in general.

My mom called on our way out and asked if we'd pick up some pop. I grabbed my laptop so I could blog and my purse. Brandon followed me out the door. On the way out, he said "I'll drive."

It caught me off guard a bit, but I thought he was being nice.

I even told him that he was such a sweetie.

HA....Nope. I thought wrong.

He looked at me with his 12 year old boy grin and said, "I just don't want to get out of the car to get the pop."

People, Exhibit A:
I went into the store looking like an old grandpa with my socks in my moccasins all because my husband is a character.

And I have the evidence to prove it.

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

It's official. We married the same man.

Except I've gotten out in PJs, socks, and flip-flops. Because we're just tacky like that down here in Florida.

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