Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wednesday is "a little ditty" Day

I seriously am blown away by the fact that Urban Dictionary has a definition for this word. I am beginning to be impressed on a whole new level.

a little ditty:
A song. 1930's US slang

My Grannie has Alzheimer's Disease. It is not fun at all. I can't remember who it was but someone was complaining at work about their Grannie today after they got off the phone with them.

Lord knows, my Grannie used to give all of us plenty o' guilt trip of her own.

In fact, the word legendary might be used to define how the little trips went down.

And it struck me, that my Grannie doesn't even remember me. And I miss talking to her. (I don't get to talk to my other grandmas a whole lot....kind of a sore subject actually. I can't really talk to her because she's sick. They..well, that's another story for another day.)

At the same time, I may or may not have been secretly listening to a little holiday music.

I know I swore I wouldn't, but my boss was no where near being close to coming by my desk. He had meetings all afternoon.

PLUS, I was doing good and then I realized that my phone is part of my Christmas. So technically the Christmas holiday is quickly approaching for me after all. So why shouldn't I get a little festive?

Just sayin'.

PLUS, this was my first time to listen this season folks. It's one measly hour. I mean really how bad is it going to affect me or any other Scrooge. None, I tell you because no Scrooge heard it including the Scrooge that was my Grannie.

She liked Christmas with the rest of them, but she never hurried it in any fashion or form. Either way she was someone who always encouraged me in my singing.

If I sang a church, she'd quickly tell me after church, "that little ditty was just wonderful this morning."

And then she'd bust into one of her favorite songs. EVERY. TIME.

She wasn't tone deaf, but she wasn't Mariah Carey either.

She'd laugh afterwards, and we'd all laugh in awkwardness so she wouldn't feel like a goof.

I miss my Grannie. And I know she misses me because she stares at me for a long time trying to remember me. Dad saves her of course by placing my name in the conversation.

She doesn't always remember me, but I've realized today, that when I'm around her, she's usually singing one of her favorite ditties.

And so she does remember me even if she can't remember my name...ditty and all.

Happy Wednesday.


Brittany Ann said...

I love this post. Made me cry.

Kelsey Claire said...

My grandad had Alzheimers. I have so many funny memories of him because I basically only remember him when he had Alzheimers. His key phrases were:
"red danger" (when you were wearing red)
"thats just women talk" (he said this ALL the time)!
It is not an easy disease!

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