Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday is "Be Kind, Rewind" Day

Be kind, rewind: a phrase used by video stores to encourage consumers to rewind for others who might not have a rewind option on their VHS players; a common courtesy.

Growing up, I hated having the job of rewinding all the videos. It was no fun. But my dad always reminded me that it was a common courtesy for others because they might not have a rewinder and that is one step saved for the movie store. Every little girl that wanted to watch "Sleeping Beauty" should have their opporunity.

Obviously, it is a lesson of self-awareness and respect of one's surroundings.

It's a little lesson in the golden rule even.

So for example, if you want to stay at home with your kids, then I say go for it. There are a ton of great stay at home mommy blogs I read. They have tons of good ideas and most feel called to be in their position.

On the flip side, there are moms that work. Brandon and I both have moms that work. My mom is a school teacher and Brandon's mom is a nurse. Obviously, there are times when we'd like to have our moms for different things, but they never missed the important things. We always made it to church every Sunday. And personally I don't feel robbed.

And there is a third side. The side of women who don't even have their own kiddos, but just want the opportunity to make the decision for themselves...heck they'd just be happy with getting the baby!

Each situation is a CHOICE a woman who CHOOSES to have children must make.

Be aware of the fact that these women didn't make these decisions over night.

They sought it out with much prayer(hopefully!) and with help from their husband too!

It is not for you to decide whether or not their children are being raised "appropriately".

Because in case you forgot what comes around goes around and before you know it, someone will call you on wearing the same track suit two weeks in a row. How tacky of you! And to think the woman you picked on only wore the same shirt two weeks in a row. At least she had the decency to shake up the outfit except for the blouse. If only you'd kept your mouth shut and remembered we're all the same team.

The MOM team.

...except I'm not on the MOM team just yet.

But you get the idea. I don't think it's cool for someone else to tell another how to live their life. I'm all for opinions. But I'm not for opinions that happen to think everyone should have theirs because it works for them.

You don't know what it took for them to get there. So have some common courtesy so all the little girls get their shot at deciding whether or not if they want to watch Sleeping Beauty.

After all, that's how it starts...

Happy Wednesday.

P.S. It's educational Wednesday here at the Ruby Turtle Hippie Times and Texas STILL SUCKS.


Brittany Ann said...


About the woman's right to choose to say home thing.

Not about the Texas thing. Although, really, I'm ambivalent about that, but I love you, so if it helps you for me to "Amen!" the fact that Texas sucks, you go right ahead and quote me on that too!

Jane said...

Great post! I am not on the mom wagon yet either, but when I am, I want that choice

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