Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday is " a loss" day.

In Sixteen Candles, Anthony Hall's character tells his buddies "We're at the party five minutes! I'm at a loss." He then walks away and leaves his buddies one of which is John Cusack to be beat up by what seems to be the Offensive line of their high school football team.

Now I'm not leaving y'all out to dry to be beat up by the O line, but I am at a loss for this week's educational Wednesday post. I've been in a blogging funk that started yesterday. I thought about blogging for the day and I found myself disgusted about the whole process. There's the idea that is supposed to come to you in the day, then there's the witty dialogue one is required to come up with so to keep the readers entertained and then there is ever agonizing part of hoping for blog comments.

If you say you don't do that last part, you're a lyin to yourself unless you're a cool blogger like Blue Eyed Bride or Mojito Maven or Brit from Living in the Moment or Puttin on the Grits or Kelly's Korner or MckMama or The Seattle Smith's or Tales of the Trees and then you have to worry about hateful and snide people...which by the way it's completly hateful and rude to do that crap people.

And then the next day it starts all over again.

I'm not saying I'm done blogging people. Not even close.

I just wasn't interested in going through all of that.

But here's the thing. I'm about to hit 300 blog posts ever. Now I've been far from blogging every day, but I have made a better shot at it this year. So why is it that about the time you're about to cross a milestone whether it's 300 blogposts or as big as finishing law school applications...or starting them for that matter--I'm not completely behind so don't wig on me just yet people! I have a personal statement done--I hesitate.

Why do we hesitate before our moment? Whatever that moment is...why do we do it?

I'm at a loss.

But you my little blog reader are not, because I've just done what I do best here at the Ruby Turtle Hippie Times.

I BS-ed for a good length now and you've read it and considered it as a legit blog post.

Happy Wednesday.


Brittany Ann said...

LOL! I always have that hesitation! And sometimes I get that feeling too. That ugh. I have to write something. No one is going to like what uninspired thing I have to say.

You give me too much credit;)

Heather said...

Hilarious!!! Maybe you are in a bloggy funk b/c of the Sooners' loss! I heard today that Bradford might be out for the season?!!?! Sorry, girlie. You know I love my Pokes but I must say I feel bad for Bradford. And for you! Bloggy friendships have to come before rivalries!

Mojito Maven said...

Awww blush!! Thanks for the compliment friend.

BUT you are NOT alone on the blogging funk. I have been known to go through weeks of it before anything even remotely exciting happens to me, and even then I end up writing about IZZE juice??? what??

Ok so maybe I'm not completely out of it haha.


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