Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday's High/Low: the when it rains it pours edition

I'm gonna be up front. This has been a crummy week...and it's Tuesday.

High: I finally made it to Season 3 of Dawson's Creek. This is one of my favorite seasons. Pacey and Joey finally get together.
Low: I had a little bit of a fever yesterday. I immediately wigged because I thought I was getting the flu. Woke up this morning and no fever. I still am achey, but no more fever. Bluh. And did I mention that EVERYONE thinks I should get the flu shot? #1 I hate needles. #2: I don't want to get the flu even though I do get the shot. It happens people. It happened to my mom. #3: I hate needles. #4: I hate needles and #5 (Yep you guessed it.) I hate needles. If I can get away with it I won't have a shot ever again unless surgery or babies require it.

High: I had a really good chicken fried salad with ranch today. I know I should have taken a picture with my phone so I could post more pictures on here. I'm not amazing on that end of the blogging just yet. My regularity is getting pretty decent, but one step at a time people, one step at a time.
Low: My husband is in the middle of a migraine. My evening is shot y'all. He already puked so good news is that no hospital visit. But still bad because I'm on my own for the evening. Normally, this doesn't bother me, but since this happened last week I think otherwise.

High: I don't talk about babies a whole lot because we aren't ready for them at this point. So for me, not talking about babies is a way of talking myself out of the situation....for now. Heh heh. My husband says that if I stare at all the cute babies in the bloggy world that I am going to want a baby sooner than later. Well our problem isn't that I'll want a baby sooner...it's BABIES. Yes, plural. I want to have multiples y'all. No this isn't going to happen any time soon, but I'd LOVE to have twins or triplets. But the point to this little tidbit is that I have found multiple multiples blogs! And I love reading about them! Yes, I really just told you all of that to tell you that I found some new blogs to read. Go ahead roll your eyes if you must.
Low: Pretty sure that a Cleaners Company donated our RALPH LAUREN comforter and pillow shams to a needy family because we forgot to pick it up! I realize that we forgot it in July and it is now October and it's my fault. BUT IT WAS A WEDDING PRESENT!! And we can't get it back. I know I sound totally selfish about losing the blanket, but seriously!! UGH!!

High: I got REALLY pretty flowers last week! Aren't they gorgeous?! Pink and purple really have been growing on me recently. This only makes it harder to resist the temptation when these pretty shades are thrown at ya!

Happy Tuesday y'all.


Heather said...

I get migraines, too, and they are so horrible. I am sorry for your hubby (and for you!) and I will say a prayer. Sounds like he and I have the same protocol-puking, hospital visits and all. YUCK!
Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Brittany Ann said...

Those flowers are gorgeous! From the hubs?

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