Monday, October 19, 2009

My parents are on facebook and they're famous.

Most people have done a post by now about their parents becoming a part of the world of Facebook.

I am not one of those people.

I wanted--yes I said wanted--them on there.

That is until people started coming up to me at church telling me how funny my dad is on facebook.

And then people chimed in on the same conversation only to say, "Yeah I always knew your dad was funny, but when I heard about facebook, I just had to follow him."

Now call me juvenile, but I am pretty sure that when anyone comes up to you to tell you how cool your dad is on facebook no matter how old you are, it makes a person...well a little jealous.


The man posts one posts and he gets 5-6 comments EVERY time.

I post and I may get a whole bunch every 10 posts.

How and again I ask, HOW did my dad get so stinkin' popular on facebook?

Well I'll tell you.

Today the sun came out. And here is my dad's post about it.

"That big yellow thing (UFO) was in the sky again today! I think I'm gonna call NASA."

At this point, he has 7 posts on it, from people cracking up. While he may have a lot on his plate right now and believe me he does, deep down he is an eternal optimist. He takes the smallest ray and makes it a burst of sunshine. It is so contagious that others around him can't help but smile.

And for that I say, keep on, keepin' on facebook rockstar of a daddio of mine.


Brittany Ann said...

People say that about my father in general, too. I remember thinking it was so lame when I was a kid, and now, I'm all proud of my pops, THe Man All Love:)

A Southern Accent said...

Too cute! Just stopped by after your supportive comments on Blue-eyes blog!

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