Thursday, October 29, 2009

the freaky twin thing...

As you may or may not know, I have a little sister and brother that are twins. They are teenagers.

But what you don't know is that...

I also have 1st cousins that are identical female twins. Their mom is my dad's sister. They are doctors. They are the same kind of doctor too.

I also had two great great aunts that were fraternal female twins. However, they shared very similar traits.

I also had a great great grandfather who had a twin sister.

He had 4 siblings that were a set of boy twins and a set of girl twins. They were my great great aunts and uncles.

So as you can see twins are very dominant in my family.

All sets of twins listed have on occasion done things that are a little interesting. The following are a few examples.

  • When an injury occurred for different sets the other twins knew almost immediately. My little brother fell and busted his cheek one time. Loren came from the other end of the house already in tears because she knew something was wrong with her little brother.
  • They all finish each other's sentences. My cousins are notorious for this one. I can remember being at my aunt's house when I was little and they would be talking about what they were going to wear the next day and they would tell each other to wear a certain color because it looks better with their skin color. Loren and Will were bored one time and were telling each other jokes. Loren wanted to make one up about fruit, but didn't tell Will. Will said, "hey I've got one and it's about a couple of fruits." Loren immediately was tickled because that's what she wanted to say and her brother literally took the words out of her mouth.
  • They squabble, but they are super close at the same time. I saw this a lot in my cousins and I see a ton now in Loren and Will. They will argue with each other and are fiercely competitive so it makes it all the more cutthroat at times. But then you also see them talking to each other through text messages and they are a brother and sister that look out for each other at all times. With my cousins, I would see them argue and then 5 minutes later they were best of friends again.
  • They compliment each other. In my birthday post for Loren and Will I talked about Will hanging onto his big sister. When they were toddlers playing together Loren was definitely the ring leader. Will was laid back. One of my most vivid memories of this is Loren once grabbed Will's hand and said, "come on bubba, wess go pway!" (Come on bubba, let's go play!") And he went right along. She is the dominant twin for the most part, but little brother definitely does not let big sister get pushed around. He makes sure to take up for her if the situation arises.
They are two individuals in each situation, but they are and will always be connected in a way that no other human on the earth can experience but them. For 9 months they shared time together in their mothers's wombs.

It is a very unique bond.

It is a twin bond and sometimes it's a little freaky.

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Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I am going to throw out some crazyness ... twins run in my family too!! But, I have identical twin cousins who married identical twin boys (yes, I know, right?!) and both girls are pregnant and the babies will be three months apart!!

I am praying for twins and they run in my family with both of my grandfathers being twins!!

I totally agree with the bond twins have!

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