Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday is "That's it" Day

I had fun making up my own definition last week so I think I'll go with that option again.

"That's it": a phrase used when a person is fed up, frustrated or flabbergasted by the situation at hand, often times a person will take action as a result.

I'll even make up a sentence with my words in it for you!

I learned when I was a little girl, that if my mom said, "That's it!" something very interesting was about to happen and you didn't want to miss on the action!

Now here is today's life application of our little definition.

By now you know I am a follower of the law of the road. Heehee.

This morning was no exception.

I was running a couple minutes behind schedule. Since the bridge I cross daily has been reduced from a 4 way to a 2 way highway, those couples of minutes make a difference. There was a line that was already built up.

If you've read blogs about the merge sign then you know what I did.

I kept on driving. I came up on a car that stuck his car out in the middle of both lanes. Remember we didn't have to merge at this point. I had my right turn signal on and was making every concerted effort to get in the right lane. I just wasn't doing it on this person's time. I think it is really childish for him to be the self-appointed line cutter monitor. We're not in the 3rd grade people.

Did I mention it was raining?

I had to be smart if I was going to pass him. So I let him move up a little. Every time I got close to him he got farther over in my lane.

It was about this time the rain really let up.

My car is an SS. So I did what any self-respecting sports car driver would do.

I said, "That's it."

And THEN...

I passed that 3rd grade cafeteria line-cutter moniter SUV driving cry-baby all while driving the speed limit as instructed by the construction zone while staying inside the lines.

And because I'm from the South, I smiled and waved as I schooled drove by him.

The answer to your question is: Yes I was born with it. It's not Maybelline.

Happy Wednesday.


Brittany Ann said...

HAHA! Go, girl! You are feeling bold, one entry to the giveaway and all!

Jane said...

You just had me cracking up! Way to stand your ground!

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