Saturday, September 5, 2009


I know that everyone thinks their team is the best, and this is probably the umpteenth football season post you've read by now today....

BUT, their team isn't the Sooners and you haven't read my post yet.

I know I said I'd be over myself yesterday, but dawn has happened and it is now time to put my game face on.

On any given Saturday in the beginning of September to the first weekend of December, a Sooner fan/alumni wakes up thinking about only one thing: football.

Now I know you think your team is probably the "BEST EVER", and you just love football. I promise you mine is better and we love our Sooners more. Yes, I'm going to be that egotistical today. This is not to be confused with cockiness. I am proud of my tradition as a Sooner. I realize that like any team we have our ups and our downs too. But when you were born in a championship year like I was, it just kinda makes things a little bit worse. And with such an outstanding tradition of greatness, you'd be more than right to imagine that I have nothing on the brain but Sooner football today.

I planned my wedding around football season. I know, everyone says they do, but I really did. In the year we married, Brandon and I went not only to every home game, we went to OU/Texas as well. We also drove back for Bedlam early from Thanksgiving weekend (a month before the wedding when we probably should have stayed home to wrap up a few plans.) My mother in law once asked why we didn't get married earlier in the month around Big 12 weekend and when we told her there was a game, she didn't question it.

So today when you sit down to root on your team, just remember I'm standing to root on mine.

There's only ONE Oklahoma. That's why we're called THE University of Oklahoma.

Happy 1st Saturday of football season y'all.

1 comment:

Courtney Hope said...

I LOVE that you LOVE football..

I'm a Husker fan at heart, so while I can't concur with your feelings regarding your beloved Sooners, I will agree with you and your assessment of college football season.

It really is the best.

ESPN and College Game Day, here we come! :)

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