Thursday, September 17, 2009


I checked the weather forecast for the next ten days.


I am so sick of rain. Seriously. I do not know how to come through the computer screen to convey to you to convey just how sick of it I am. Because people let me tell you, I have some GREAT facial expressions and I do one heck of a pissed off girl look.

You know what I'm talking about...the guy pissed off look doesn't touch the girl pissed off look. And IF you think otherwise you're lying to yourself.

And another thing, you're also lying to yourself if you "LOVE" rain.

No person in their right mind "loves" rain...ESPECIALLY if that person is a girl.

First of all, rain ruins hair. No matter if you're a low maintenance or high maintenance hair girl. And guys your hair doesn't count. Because girls judge each other on their appearance. I'm not saying this judging is right. I KNOW it's wrong, but it happens. If your hair looks bad, you know that others at least think about how bad you look. I know because I've done it myself. And when you're trying to get around town with rain coming down on you and your hair it just sucks.

Secondly, rain causes accidents on the road. The reason there are accidents is because people drive stupid in the first place. They don't need help doing it. I promise they drive awful without the bane of existence known as rain.

Third, rain causes BAD ATTITUDES. There is a bad attitude behind this very blog post as we speak. I am so tired of other's bad attitudes, I'm not even sure what I'm tired or upset with anymore. That's how bad the attitudes are that I am around on a regular basis. If you don't take the little things as victories then you will surely have NOTHING to look forward to in life.


Normally, I can fight the bad attitude. Because of Christ's love he's given me I can show those people love most days. But today is one of those days that the bad attitude is really overwhelming and very hard to fight.

So rain...GO. AWAY.

I'm past the point of being nice. I'm not saying please because that didn't work the first ten days of this crap. Yes, I added the sugar with a cherry on top just for good measure when I was talking to the Man upstairs about this. Trust me when I say I've pleaded. Do not worry as to whether or not I pulled out all the stops.

And now the forecast says I'm in for another ten days. No stinkin' way.


I can't handle one more minute of your doom and gloom. Be gone, I say!



Brittany Ann said...

We just got our first dose tonight. Hopin' it goes away sooner for you! You all sound like you've had more than enough!

Jane said...

Send some of that rain my way! We need it!

Jessika said...

it's been raining here for the past TEN DAYS STRAIGHT!!!!! I feel like I've been living in Seattle instead of Springhill....gahhhhhleeeee

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