Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tuesday's High/Low...plus an update or 10

High: I am now one of the millions who own "Hannah Montana the Movie." Yes, I know you're jealous.
Low: It's that time of year, when my penmanship is a little weird. Don't know why, but it gets sloppy around this time of year. I know this isn't your typical low, but when you're a penmanship freak like me, then it is.

High: My sister had some trouble with finances and school this week. Several people prayed on her behalf. (My parents prayed over her.) And today, one of the prayer warriors told my dad, that everything was taken care of and literally things started happening for my sister. Praise Jesus and the power of prayer!
Low: I NEED a serious pedicure and manicure. I think this may have something to do with my first low.

High: Brandon and I started our bible study this week. And for the past few weeks, the "Vine and Branch" passage has been coming up regularly(John 15:1-17). I am so excited to see what God has in store for us this year.
Low: It was a little bit of a rough start for us on the bible study this week, but things are looking/going smoothly now. So I guess this is a High/Low combined.

High: I am going to Norman for my birthday...which is in 16 days btw. WOW...that is so stinkin' close!!!!


I won an award a week ago and I am just now getting to it. Thanks Brit!

It is the Premium Meme Award. For this award, I have to list 7 traits about myself and then pass the award onto 7 other bloggers who deserve recognition for the personality they share through their blog.

1. I have expensive hobbies. This started at an extremely early age. I love the movie, "The Wizard of Oz" and my mom bought me the movie and a set of dolls. I wish I could say that the collection/obsession ended there. But alas, last year I bought the entire collection of dolls that McDonald's put out without thinking twice about it. This year is the 70th Anniversary of the movie and I'm so sure, someone has already bought it for my birthday. People, that's just one habit. Vera Bradley, Lilly Pulitzer, Yellow Box flip-flops...the list goes on and on. I know these things might not seem like super expensive, but when you work for the state and your hubby is still a college student, you think otherwise and fast. Thankfully, my husband has expensive hobbies too. So when he gets a boat one of these days, he won't wig out when I buy my first Harley.

2. I love to decorate other houses, but when it comes to mine, I'm a lost cause. Seriously, we've been in our new apartment for a month and a half and I have yet to hang up a single thing. I seriously struggle with where to put up my own things, but put me in someone else's house and I'm flippin' Martha Stewart.

3. I have been listening to oldies since I was born. Seriously, until I was 8 years old, I did not know that music outside of 50s/60s rock existed. No I am not kidding. Eventually, I learned about other types of music and of course I love it all! But when I am having a bad day, I always turn back to my roots. I know so much music that sometimes Pandora doesn't know the song I'm suggesting to add for variety to my station. Yeah, I'm that girl. It's weird, I know.

4. I watch certain movies before certain occasions in my life. And yes, they are super cliche'. I think this has to do with two shows ending at major turning points in my life. Dawson's Creek ended two days before I graduated high school. Then, I watched Legally Blonde the night I moved into the dorms. (I was rushing.) I watched the Devil Wears Prada over and over when I got close to graduating. Gilmore Girls also ended the year I graduated. I also watched Steel Magnolias and Father of the Bride right after Brandon asked me to marry him. And I made sure to catch all of the presidential movie marathons when President Obama was inaugurated. Again, I am that girl.

5. I love being blonde. Seriously, it is one of my favorite things about me. And I do NOT miss hair appointments. To suggest doing so, is blasphemy in my opinion.

6. I love American muscle cars...well everything except Ford that is. Sorry, my daddy raised me as a Chevy girl. As a result, I have driven some amazing sports cars due to my father and i's shared obsession. I have a Chevy Camaro that I received for my Sweet 16 and I currently drive a Monte Carlo SS. My husband wants a big boy truck when he graduates college. I told him if we could afford it, go for it and then that would be our family vehicle. I, on the other hand, will get a new Chevy Camaro when I graduate again. WHAT? We'll have a family car people, it just won't be the mommy who drives it. She'll drive the smokin' hot sports car.

7. I quit my habits suddenly and for no particular reason. Example: my fingernails. If i wanted my nails to look nice, I have always had them done because otherwise I would have bit them off. Yes, a quick way to beat this habit would have been to grow out my nails underneath my fake ones, but it just never happened that way. Then I had them done this summer. One night, a nail broke off and I popped off the rest of my nails. They looked great. I decided that I should clean them up, file them and leave them alone. The rest is history. Yes, I would really like to get my nails done again because they look great. But then that might mess up my nail strength. Guess, I'll have to get that pedicure after all. Dang.

I am tagging
Kelsey A sorority sister of mine who is a speech path as of yesterday! Woot Kels!
Kelsey My new blog designer. Isn't she the best? (BTW Kelsey, I can't read your blog. HELP!)
Katherine My bestie who teaches for TFA!
Megan A Pal that married a high school pal of mine!
Prissy Southern Prep This blog is a new love!
Shauna My old blog designer. LOVE her!
Soliloquy This blog is an old love, I just now am brave enough to mention her. She's an anonymous blogger and is stinkin' great!

Okay, this blog took a way long time to write, so if you're still reading you're a champ!

Happy Tuesday!

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Brittany Ann said...

Praise the Lord for your sister! God is so good!

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