Monday, August 31, 2009

Nap on Sunday = Cranky Monday

On Friday, I came home and watched the Ted Kennedy wake and a documentary about him all evening. I went to bed at 1 and woke up at 9 to watch the funeral mass and military burial. (By the way, one of THE things I wanted to see was the folding and presenting of the flag to his wife. But they were way late. So it was dark. The governator probably had to pee or something and that's what delayed them.) I finished watching all of this at about 9pm that night. The next day was Sunday so we got up for church. I did not get my sleep in day and I was determined to take a nap on Sunday.

I fell asleep at 2:15pm.

My husband woke me up at 6:50pm

Yes, I took a nap that lasted 4 and a half hours. This either has to be a record of some kind or illegal somewhere.

Either way, this was one of those poor life choices considering that Monday was the next day.

People, I was so wired, I couldn't get my mind to shut off. Thankfully, my husband didn't snore too loud. I watched only one movie. But that still left it at 12:30.

And there I lay literally twiddling my thumbs.

I was anything but amused. I must have dozed at points but I was never fully asleep.

Needless to say, I was awake, but I was not in the mood to deal with people.

This is slightly a problem considering I am in public service.

I deal with people all day. In fact, I get paid to do it.

It was a LONG and I mean LONG day.

Finally, I made it home, we went to eat and then headed to do a little grocery shopping. It might be the fasted grocery trip we've had in awhile. I think it's because I didn't organize the cart as we went because I didn't give a flip. was that bad.

And then, there was no Cain's tea. Oh they had decaf Cain's, but no regular Cain's.

If I could have thrown myself down in the aisle I would have because I guarantee you it would have made me feel better.

And I'm sorry, but Lipton does not cut it. I had to leave Wal-Mart without Cain's Tea. WHAT Wal-Mart doesn't have Cain's Tea? I'm still flustered thinking about it.

As if you couldn't tell...

I think it might be time for me to go to bed.
Happy flippin' Monday.


Brittany Ann said...

This is exactly why I don't nap. Because this is what I do every time. And it makes me a royal B-word for at least two days. What I wouldn't give to be a good napper!

Jane said...

I get soo cranky when I nap! And just plain confused if I go to sleep in the afternoon and wake up at night! Totally understandable.

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