Thursday, August 6, 2009

it's time to go the polls girls...

Is my blog name corny, weird, dumb or lame?

Please just humor me on this people...I can only imagine how vain this really sounds out loud.

When I write down my blog name for people they tend to laugh about it. And I'm not really sure what I think about that. I usually just do that "ah ha ha ha" fake laugh and then explain what it means.

So seriously what do you think?


And on another note, I do not appreciate people who are from the "Deep South" states like Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, etc. that think they are the only ones who truly know what it is to be Southern. Just because you're lower on the map than we are does not make you better at it. And I'm not saying that you're horrible at it either. I'm just saying that you shouldn't count Oklahoma out just because our accent isn't as deep to use as one example of a poor argument. Acting like a lady, being tactFUL and a good hostess are things that are just as important here as they are there. I realize this isn't a message that probably affects any of you that read, but it is just something that I've come across recently that just irks me.

Okay, I'm done now and have stepped off my soap box.

TGIF tomorrow!!


Jessika said...

well let me the first to say that not all of these women down here are that welcoming, hometown mom we all run home to be...but they do feel entitled; not to mention they think that Oklahoma is WAY north in the U.S. but I feel ya sista

Katherine said...

#1 - don't change your blog name. It's unique to you and flavorful. Own it.

#2 - This Southern bit also includes the sexy ladies livin it up in H-town. Geographically we are almost as Southern as it gets. I like to think that I have the grace, charm, whit and sweet tea cravings to qualify as a Southern Belle.

#3 - I laminated your month colorings and have august up in the room! you = rockstar

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