Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday is "Football" Day

According to my increasingly favorite friend, Urban Dictionary...

Football :
  1. American sport, not to be confused with wussy futbol(soccer). Football is a real man's game. Futbol is for foot faries who are afraid of contact sports
  2. A game where guys don spandex pants, helmets, and colorful jerseys. Men watch the sport for excitement, joy, or to appear masculine. Women watch the sport to ogle at the butts of hot, muscular, sweaty men.
I woke up the other morning and smelled the fresh grass on my way to work. It didn't smell like any old summer grass cut. Oh no, this was different. This grass had a hint of sweat to it.

It's football time in Oklahoma, girls.

In case you haven't read my little "About Me" section, I am a Sooner. I am EXTREMELY proud to be a Sooner and will have the part about being "Sooner Dead" on my tombstone. It is that serious.

And if that doesn't put it into perspective for you, this might...I refused to get married on a game day.

That's right. Me. NOT my husband.

In high school, my best friends were the football boys. I grew up knowing football, living football, eating football (cake) and sleeping football.

This didn't change when I went to college because I went to OU. And it wasn't about to change for my wedding day. People, you must have your priorities. In fact, in Oklahoma, there were some insurance videos by an Oklahoma insurance company that showed a bride with earbuds on during her wedding. That would have been me if it had been a worse case scenario.

I also happen to consider it part of God's divine plan that I was born in football season. What better way to celebrate your birthday than by being at a game? I realize that there are a million other reasons why I was born on September 10th and football is one of them. You can't convince me otherwise.

Now I realize that there are some who read this blog that are fans of schools from the SEC who think that I don't have a right to be so rowdy about my school because I am from the Big 12. And while the South no doubt is rooted deeply in the tradition known as football, so are we in the Big 12.

In fact, I'm not here to argue with you about which conference is better.

I'm just here to remind that there are 142 All-Americans from Oklahoma.
I'm also just here to remind you that there is a 47 game winning streak matched by no ONE owned by Oklahoma since WWII.
And it would be a disservice to you if I forgot to remind you that we have 42 conference championships.
It would be pure shame if I didn't let you know about our 5 Heisman trophy winners...and let's not forget our 63 national award winners.
And finally I'm just here to remind you of the 7 National Championships we've won.

How am I able to remind you of all of this? Well you see, I'm from the Home of Champions, my team plays in a football cathedral and we all learn our lessons from the School of Football. Mickey ain't got nothin' on our Sooner Magic.

And how is it that I know all of this? Well, I know all of this because THERE's ONLY ONE OKLAHOMA.

The rest are just posers. Ask Chase Daniels all about it. Then again he might be too busy picking his boogers to tell you about it.

Happy Wednesday.

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Katherine said...

BEST POST EVER. Seriously, I am right with you. I saw an OU sticker on a car and almost rolled my window down and yelled Boomer.

My school spirit has only tripled this summer. I love OU so much and could not be any prouder to be an alumna.

My birthday is also during football season and there was actually a home game last year on it.

Big XII owns.

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