Sunday, July 5, 2009

the question that I haven't really addressed...

So, what are you plans now that you've not been accepted to law school?

My education plans...I guess I haven't really talked about it on the ole' blog all that much have I?

I think this has happened for two reasons. I am torn on what I should be doing. Tentatively, I am set to re-apply this fall and to take the LSAT again. I will apply to more schools and then if I am accepted, we'll move to where I have been accepted upon Brandon's graduation all the while praying that Brandon finds a job in that city. All of the places I am applying are metro areas, so hopefully that will make things easier as far as the job front is concerned for Brandon.

HOWEVER, on the other hand, I really wanted God to make things happen and to fall into place if this law school thing was to be. So i am not sure if I should be done with it all together and move on or what.

So for this on the other hand issue, I have just decided to table it and pray about it until August.

When I am on the road back and forth to work is when I do my prayin' most of the time. The other reason for my lack of blogging is that I guess I didn't really expect myself to take the rejection so hard. I feel like it has been a grieving process and slowly but surely all the parts are coming together of things I need to hear and discuss to make this better. I guess there is a second part to my first thought. If I wind up reapplying and am not accepted again, I will get the fact that I am not supposed to be a lawyer. At that point, Brandon has free rein to apply wherever in the United States that he wants.

I am really hoping we wind up somewhere warm because I HATE the cold weather.

Hopefully God will take this into consideration...he seems to have so far as everything he has found is in California or Texas. Once we get to his new job, I'll get alternatively certified as a teacher...probably history/English and then while I'm teaching, I'll go for my masters. I have never had any desire to stay in Small Town, America.

I shot out of town the first chance I got and have the itch again to be gone soon. So we'll see how this plays out.
As time has passed and I have spoken with various people about it, I am getting better. I have a new outlook on things and I can only hope for the best.

Actually, I should plan on the best, because that is what God is going to have for us.

Happy Sunday.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

I love you!

Education is AWESOME! I can totally see you teaching secondary. It's where all the fun it ;)

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