Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday is "All-Star" Day

All Star-
1.) Any person in a professional sports league that gets selected to that sports All-Star team.

Okay, so my brother isn't exactly in a professional sports league, but the league he plays in is called the Major League. They go by the Babe Ruth rules and so I figure it's about as professional as it can get for a 12 year old.

Last year, one of my very first educational Wednesday's was about Babe Ruth. It was written to encourage my brother who at the time was going through a major slump. According to the coach, he couldn't hit the ball, wasn't the best player and so my brother wound up riding the bench for the majority of the season. This coach's POOR attitude towards my brother was just one of many of the reasons why my parents decided that my little brother would play in the hometown league this year. My parents had been through this with me before and it was one of the reasons I was burnt out on softball...bad coach included. Now I can't get that time back, but they have the benefit of learning from their lesson.

Tryouts came and he was placed on the Cardinals team. He went back to his spot as the third baseman and started in the number 6 hole in the batting line-up. His coaches are two of the dad's that used to help with my brother's teams before being burned by the same guy.

Well, girls, I am here to tell you that my little brother @SlickWillyD is a stud.

His team is currently undefeated in the league.
He bats in the number 4 hole...aka the "Babe" hole.
He has the best batting average on the team.
And oh yeah, he's so good, he made the league's ALL-STAR team this year!

So little brother if you're reading this, just know that I am VERY proud of you!!

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

Way to go Little Bro!

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