Monday, June 22, 2009

Team Kate

Yes I am going there.

I realize that there are hundreds of other topics that I should could be talking about right now besides the infamous multiple family from TLC. You know like Iran and the economy and the latest poll on Obama.

However, I am in the mood for something less life impacting. So I choose Kate.

For a week, all we have heard is that there is a huge announcement coming on tonight's show. And true to form, the news breaks about 3 hours prior to whatever major event is to occur. This seems to be common for any type of major news. The president speaks...and we know what he is going to say before he says it.

So here is the news: Jon and Kate are getting a divorce.

My next statements are why I choose Kate.

1. Unlike Jon she has a plan for how she is going to take care of the kids.
2. She seems to be the responsible adult in the situation.
3. While she is still exposing her kids to the media in a somewhat controlled setting, she seems to have her kids as her number one priority. I know Jon said his priority were his kids, but Kate said her priority has been her family. To me that says that her priority is to take care of her family no matter what it may look like.
4. In all reality she has been quite moderate in her spending practices. And before you say, "Seriously!", hear me out. I don't know one person that wouldn't have taken the money like they have. But in their defense, they have spent it responsibly...or Kate has. Does she need the designer clothes? Probably not, but you also don't see her spending it on something ridiculous like the earrings Jon feels he needs to "find himself." Her kids are well clothed, behaved and fed which is far more than I can say for most kids I see.
5. We all know from the show how ridiculously organized and fair she is. I think it has caused some viewers to think of her as a Bia Bia, but with that many kids how can she not be? And at the end of the day, those kids know the house rules and who gets to go on the single outings and when.
6. I want her to prove to the world that she can be a single momma and still look smokin'.

In short, Kate will do her very best to keep things as normal as possible for the kids and be accommodating to Jon at the same matter if she should be or not.

And for a moment allow me to be superficial and say that I'm on Team Kate for the fact that her sense of style is better than Jon's too.

So I am on Team Kate.


Brittany Ann said...

This whole thing makes me so, so sad. I am watching it right now. I mean, I don't even think Jon TRIED to fight for his marriage. Ugh. Just makes me sick to my stomach for these kids.

Rachel H. said...

I am on Team Kate too...I don't think that Jon even cared anymore, and he didn't try to save their marriage.

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