Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Saturday night post is lame, I realize, but...

I am doing it anyway.

A few happenings in my life:
  • Last night Brandon and I had a date for the first time in FOREVER. It was nice. We had Mexican food and saw a good friend of ours perform in a local show.
  • Talked with the Biff today. I've made good friends since leaving college, but there are a group of people that I need to talk to most when I'm contemplating life's decisions. The only person that I hadn't talked to was her. And I told her all about law school rejection and how I am still hurting. I've said it numerous ways, but the best way I know to explain it is this. When I was little, playing house or wife weren't my favorite games. My favorites included dressing up my Barbies to go to their jobs and be someone important. Another friend of mine said she knew that she wanted to be a mom and do it while having her nails look nice and wearing high heels. And those are the things she played with when she was a little girl. She is happy because she is doing that. I am not doing what I want most. And I still don't feel like a "big girl" in many aspects because of it. So this summer has been a little rough. there are several things that still wonderful and remind me that I have lots to be happy/thankful for on a regular basis. And Em's friendship is one of them. We finally got caught up to each other and I feel a lot better after talking to her. I told her that the biggest thing that hurts is that my life is not going according to plan. I also told her that I knew if you wanted God to laugh, tell him your plans. So I said I'm not really sure what to call my potential options anymore. She said to call it an outline because it is subject to change. And I hadn't looked at things that way before. I am so glad that I got a chance to talk with her.
  • As I sit here writing, my brother is sitting next to me with the worst summer's ear EVER. He is in a lot of pain. My mom stayed up all night with him. It's awful and I feel bad for him.
  • It is getting harder by the day to resist the temptation that is known as the iPhone. Halloween never looked so good to me. Halloween=upgrade day. But seeing as I am all about saving money these days I'll probably wind up passing on the deal. We'll see...:)
Happy Saturday y'all.

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