Tuesday, June 16, 2009

a road story # 79

I feel as if I talk a lot about the road. I can't help it. Really I do try to avoid this subject, but it just comes up. For my job, I commute for 90 minutes total every day--not including traffic delays. This is a huge chunk of my day. I realize that I don't spend an enormous amount like Grits does, but if you're on the road for a somewhat lengthy period of time you are kindred spirits with those who do the same as you. For example, you know what time you'll hit certain parts of town if you are on your road game or if you're not.

This morning, I was not. But I didn't start out that way.

I left the house at 7:10. By the time I made it to the corner of the addition entrance, it was 7:12.

And by 7:17, I sat pulled over by an OHP.

Now before all of this you should know that yesterday we received a copy of our friend's debut cd. We were really excited and I had been listening to the local radio station every morning to try and listen for him prior to the receipt of the cd. When I hit the edge of the neighborhood, I realized that I had left the very thing I had been looking forward to all morning: TJ's cd. I have been in a country mood and this was just what I needed. (Yes I realize that I am mainly a rock kinda girl, but all good Southern gals need to be well rounded right?)

I flipped a "B" and went back to the house for the cd. I ran into the house, grabbed it and ran out the door.

I don't know if I have mentioned this before or not, but in my short little life, I have only driven sports cars.

Chevy muscle cars to be exact.

And as Maverick says in Top Gun, "I have a need. A need for SPEED."

I like to go fast. If you drove a Chevy Camaro & a Monte Carlo SS like I do, you'd want to go fast too.

And when you drive cars like that on occasion you need to drive them the way they were meant to be driven. I was running late and I had the perfect excuse...until I came over the top of the hill and saw the HI-PO across the intersection from me. I pulled up to the stop sign, wishfully thinking that he wouldn't pull me over.

There was no one coming from either direction, so he could have gone before I did. Of course that would have meant that he wasn't going to pull me over either. And since we already know how this story ends, I won't bore you with the details that he sat there to wait for me to pull out.

He pulled me over. I got a warning.

And I was late to work. I don't even know how to describe to you how much it urks me that it happened. But you can't win them all. I am sure that I was in that very place at that very time for some very specific reason.

I just wish I knew what it was other than getting pulled over.

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

Ugh. Police. Giving someone like you a ticket instead of protecting us from the actual criminals! That just bugs me.

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