Thursday, June 18, 2009


As you know I was not accepted to attend law school this fall. I think I am currently in the "mad as hell" phase. I went to bed mad about it and woke up in a bad mood this morning as well.

I said, "God I am mad, and even though I know there are good reasons why I am not going this year, I don't know them at this point. So for just today I am going to be mad. Things aren't going my way and I've had about enough of it."

Of course this statement promptly provoked God to remind me just who the boss was...and is.

Because as hard as I tried to be mad, God took care of the situation so that I wouldn't have anything to be mad about...

I was 10 minutes late on my commute...I made it on time. There wasn't one traffic delay. AND I WAS GOING THE SPEED LIMIT.

I work in public service and sometimes people aren't nice. In fact I have about 90% chance a day that they are going to have an attitude and be rude. I wasn't in the mood for that crap today. NOT ONE PERSON WAS HATEFUL.

Seriously, I tried in other areas today to have a reason to just be mad...and God just wouldn't let me do it. In fact, I was in a fantastic mood for the majority of the day.

As much as it chapped me that he took care of every last situation, it made me smile all the same and even laugh.

Oh well, maybe I can be mad some other day...but if I tell God about it, then I doubt it.


Brittany Ann said...

Oh, the Lord has such a sense of humor. It's so true that he knows what we need even when we don't! (Email coming soon!)

Kelsey Claire said...

Thats hilarious!

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