Thursday, May 28, 2009

A little inspiration if you will...

Typically my best ideas, thoughts or conclusions come to me in the shower. I don't spend a lot of time in the shower usually. In fact, I only spend about 10-12 minutes. But it never fails that what I think about the situation in the shower is usually what I make heads or tails of a situation in the end.

What does that say about my ideas?

Does it mean that I don't put a lot of thought into them?

Or does it mean that my best ideas are based on gut instinct?

I'd also like to point out how this philosophy contradicts my usual approach to life. If you don't know by now, I am a planner. When I started high school, I had a plan for how I was going to get into college. I also had a plan for what my major would be. Today not many kids know that. And when I got into college I had a plan for how I was going to get into law school. An engagement ring, a pretty boy and a wedding the week after I graduated college later, my plans changed...a little. I still plan on going to law school, but with a big lovable husband in tow.

But back to the shower...I woke up this morning not really looking forward to the day and I was TIIIIIIIIIIRED. It was one of those nights where you wake up every hour or so thinking you've slept an eternity and found out you still had three hours to go. Don't get me wrong I was glad to see those hours, but when I woke up super duper tired this morning because I hadn't rested, I was less than ecstatic about that waking up business.

I know I don't mention politics a lot on here, but I am what you might call a very politically convicted person. I truly believe in the call to service that John Kennedy asked for back in the 60s and he is a huge source of inspiration for me when it comes to my hopes and aspirations in life (minus that whole have a fling with every good looking thing that walks part). Well this week, I have been wrestling with the issues of gay marriage, SCJ nominee Sonia Soutermeyer and the North Korean issue. I should mention now probably that I am a moderate Democrat.

I did vote for change in a state that went completely red.

Not one county went blue this last presidential election.

And while some of you might think you know what I think/feel about the aforementioned issues, you'd be more than surprised to know what my real thoughts are. I won't share what I think at any point what they are because this is the internet and I plan on running for office one day myself, but I will say that if I did I wouldn't have anything to share at this point because I am still chewin' pretty hard on how I view the issue. The problem that gets me into trouble on being a moderate is that I see both sides of the aisle every time. As it says, in my "About Me" section, "I love Jesus, politics and rock-n-roll" and so it makes it extremely hard to see things black and white.

IN ANY CASE, I got in the shower this morning counting on making heads or tails of at least one issue and to maybe get a blog idea or two. And to maybe send up my 10,789th silent freak-out prayer to God about law school...just maybe. I also prayed that God would help me to wake up so I wouldn't be so drowsy while I was getting ready and also while I was driving to work.

Well I got nothin' on the political issues. And I got nothin' on the blog ideas.

BUT I felt much better after I got out of the shower & felt totally awake on the way to work.

And I realized that God had taken care of me.

And if he can take care of me, then he can take care of everything else too. I mean HELLO! I just wrote a post basically about nothing, and I'm bettin' you were more than likely entertained. Ha!

So I figure that God can handle world peace another day.

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

I love this post! So true!

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