Friday, May 29, 2009


The "Big B" is out of town today and tomorrow. Up until a couple of months ago, we had not spent one night apart in our marriage. Prior to being married, we did not live together. We come from very conservative households and that was not an option.

So when we first started living together things were a little...rough.

There is no other way to describe the fact that my husband snores EXTREMELY loud when he sleeps. And he is EVEN LOUDER when I get out of the bed to get ready in the morning.

And during our first month, I had started a new job...and getting little next to no sleep was not fun. Not to mention that his snoring getting louder when I was getting ready has stopped being cute after about the first day the first few weeks. I know. I know. It sounds bad, but I was running on very little sleep and it wasn't like I hadn't tried all of my options.

In fact, I tried everything.

I wore ear plugs. We're talking every kind they had, I bought. I missed my alarm a couple of times.

I went to bed an hour earlier. He woke me up.

Thankfully Eventually, I got used to it and fell asleep anyway.

Finally, about three-fourth's of the way through our first year, I woke up one night to use the restroom and he wasn't snoring. I couldn't believe it. I looked over and HE WAS ON HIS STOMACH!!!

Now, let's pause to reflect on a conversation that Big B and I had about a week before we got married. And I had been informed that before this point.

Me: Do you sleep on your back?
Big B: Nope. I never have. I can't sleep on my stomach. It is uncomfortable.

End conversation.

Okay, it didn't look like he was a dyin' from sleeping on his back. He didn't look uncomfortable from sleeping on his stomach and I definitely wasn't either.

When I got home from work later in the day, I mentioned that he fibbed didn't know what he was talking about on the sleeping on the stomach deal. I was informed that I didn't know what I was talking about.

Naturally I proved him wrong later that night...

So you can imagine that it will be nice tonight when I don't have to tell my husband to roll over.

I love him and miss him, but it's a little nice to have the California King all to myself sometimes too.

Let's just keep this between you and me mmmmk? Thanks.

Happy Friday.


Brittany Ann said...

The Cali King! I love those things! I was in a hotel without the hubs once and I slept sideways on it! Just cuz I could!

junebug mami said...

haha your hubby sounds just like mine!! I am sooo sick of the snoring every.single.night!!

I'm jealous of that california king!

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