Thursday, April 16, 2009

the Z-pack kids and the bait.

If you have kids or you are trying to have kids, you might not want to read this post. Please don't mistake me for not wanting kids or hating them. I am not a kid hater.

Now that being said, tonight when I got home, I was talking to my husband about working out and he asked what my mom was doing. We hadn't heard from her and that was a little odd considering that she is our main work-out buddy.

So I called her.

She tells me that she is at a talent show at her school serving hot dogs, chips, and drinks in the concession stand. And then she says come on up and I'll get you a FREE HOT DOG.

Now people I KNOW I wrote a post yesterday about how I LOVE free stuff just yesterday, but today is a different day. PLUS the free towel that Mrs. Newlywed is giving away does not include dealing with four brats that had names that ALL STARTED WITH Z EITHER.

Girls, I was seriously duped by my mother. My husband and I heard the words free and being the poor saps we are we went.

We THOUGHT we'd get a free hot dog, bag of chips and a drink.
We THOUGHT we'd be there for a short while and the talent show would be over.
We THOUGHT there would actually be some entertainment.

We GOT that free meal, BUT there were four whiney kids named Zara, Zaxton, Zayden and Zoe who needed a serious bath and some serious discipline who sat next to us.

I almost puked twice b/c they smelled so bad. Seriously.

We GOT to be there for an hour and the show sucked. It definitely confirmed the fact that we are not REMOTELY and I mean REMOTELY ready for kids. Not one of those kids had talent. I know those of you who read even though I tried to warn you are sitting there in disgust at this point. But seriously, it was not good. It was awful.

And maybe I am a little biased. I mean I was in a talent show with guys that now have a VERY successful band.

But honestly, these parents didn't even havethe decency let alone tact to get their kid a tape where the words have been dubbed off. Nope they just let their kids sing straight from Taylor Swift's album.

And let's go back to the Z brats for a moment. Their mother never once told them, to straighten up or to stop what they were doing. She just let them play. Apparently she'd be letting them play for days without washing their bodies either.

I was beyond embarrassed for the lady. And people wonder why kids don't behave. Well wonder no more as far as I am concerned. If the parents don't make the effort, then the kid suffers. They need to know the difference between right and wrong even at 2, 3, 4, and 5 years old.

And I haven't even told you about the dad who brought an iPod radio and had his iPod touch plugged in and was watching a movie while the kids were performing!!!!!


All we wanted were some free hot dogs, chips and drinks. We got it all right but didn't realize it was bait for a trap that included screaming snotty kids that seriously needed a spanking, (Yes I am one of THOSE people.) parents that don't care about their kids and a hooooorrible talent show.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. I think being at the end of the week is getting to me.

I have a feeling you can tell.

Moral of the story, if someone says free hotdogs...RUN.

Do not walk.
Don't ask questions.
Don't look back.



jstowe said...

I wouldn't recommend naming your children anything that starts with a 'z' It could bring back bad, hunting memories....just saying :)

Brittany Ann said...

I am with you, and I want kids, but seriously, that's just disturbing. It all lies with the parents. Kind of freaks me out. (And I'm one of those parents, too. Upon a occasion, a kick spanking is necessary. And a bath.)

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