Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday is Smushy Day

Ok so today I will be doing the guest blog here at The Ruby Turtle Hippie Times! My name is Jessica, but better known as Jessi aka one of Sam's younger sisters! I feel so privileged first of all to even be able to touch her blog let alone get to blog on Educational Wednesday! I love reading my sister's blog on a regular basis! So today as you might have already seen I will be talking about my smushies.

I know right about now you are probably got wheels spinnin in your head as to what a smushy is. I looked on for a good definition, but apparently they don't know what a smushy is either, so this is where the education comes into play!

The first time I laid eyes on a smushy was in my parents bed. Now get your head out of the gutter, because this is not a nasty post at all. I was one of those kids when I was little I would go crawl in bed with my mom after my dad left for work to watch some lovely cartoons. I would lay on my dad's side of the bed, so I would use his pillows once he left. That's when I discovered the Grandfather of smuchies. I soon learned to love and cherish that smushy, and decided that I needed a smushy of my own. I begged my Grannie to make me one, and she made not one but two for me. I was forever grateful. My Grannie brought them to my house and they have never left my side sense. I call them Mr. and Mrs. Smushy.

Smushy means two pieces of material shaped like a rectangle, filled with feathers, and a nice pillow case covering it. If you haven't figured it out Mr. and Mrs. Smushy are my pillows. My sisters says, "They are part of the reason I have allergies, but I will tell you that I cannot depart with them." I cannot get a good nights rest if I don't have them! I don't know how people sleep on those hard pillows that you find in the store.

Here are a few reason I love Mr. and Mrs. Smushy:
1. They stay in the position you put them in when you first go to bed.
2. They remind me of home when I am away at school. It's like I have a piece of home with me!
3. No one tries to borrow my pillows in my house unless it is my dad or brother.
4. They form to your head!
5. They are easy to take in the car on road trips. Mr. and Mrs. Smushy have traveled all across the U.S.
6. The best part about them is that they can hold the cold. I am a very hot natured person, so when my pillows get hot I just flip them over and lay my head back down on a new cold side.

Did I mention Mr. and Mrs. Smushy have visited the the smushy doctor aka my Grannie on several occasions. For instance, someone I won't mention who decided it would be fun to play pillow fight with them. Now don't get me wrong Mr and Mrs. Smushy can throw a mean punch! As a result Mrs. Smushy had a blowout on her side. I sat and wept in the floor and Mrs. Smushy insides laid all over the floor while someone was laughing, but not for long until mom found us. Needles to say Mrs. Smushy's insides were gathered as much as possible. As a result that was the day Mrs. Smushy lost some weight. Here is a picture below of Mr. and Mrs. Smushy. Mr is on the left and Mrs. is on the right!The are not that gorgeous, but I love them and that is all that matters! Oh and that little lady sittin on them is Jetta!

I hope that you learned something new today or at least got a good laugh!! Oh and you can check out my blog by clicking on The Sassy Sunny Honey Review to the right!! OMG I thought I deleted this whole post and I about peed my pants, but I got it taken care of now!!



1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

Hi Jessica! I, too, have smushies! Although, I didn't know what they were called. Everyone hates my pillows, but I love them because they are so manipulative! Yay! I'm not alone in this!

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