Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday is "Inheritance" Day

Well after I threw myself a pity party several times yesterday, I decided that I was going to move forward and be positive. I am still really stressed, but have decided to make the most of my situation. I do not like to be negative. Sometimes it just happens.

Okay enough about my lame-O drama. Let's get down to bid-ness.

According to urban dictionary:

The word, INHERITANCE can be defined as...

Receiving a (generally large) amount of property, wealth, money, etc, from a deceased relative or close one, after being "mentioned" in their "will". In extreme cases, such as very large inheritances, typical results include marriage break-up (spouse hates partner for being so rich), personality collapse (what the heck do I do now I don't have to work for a living??), idleness, egomania, etc. Many heirs or heiresses experience guilt and self-loathing in proportion to the size of the inheritance received. Inheritance planning is supposed to alleviate this by only giving heirs money if they achieve in life, a gameplan that rarely works. Heirs within families usually fight over minor differences in sizes of inheritances recieved. There is a strong tendancy for young people in particular to be very adversely affected by large inheritances, contrary to the misconceptions of a wonderful life generated by popular envy feelings, these people are usually isolated, guilt-ridden and unsatisfied.

Okay so tonight while we were at dinner, I told Bear that I still hadn't come up with anything for today's blog. You know some people have "Not me! Monday's." Others have "Wordless Wednesday's" and "Workout Wednesdays." Others still have "Rules for Living."

I have "Educational Wednesday's." I feel like I make some contribution to your blog world. This post was started very early in my blogging career and it isn't going anywhere any time soon. So I was a little concerned about having nothing to say this far into the day. But never fear, there is an idea to be had in the most unlikely of places...

I like to wear pearls AND diamonds. I think no true MARRIED Southern girl is complete without a strand of pearls and a rock on her left hand.

I have the latter up to now. I also have some pearl earrings, but no strand of pearls. There is a nice strand at the hometown jewelry store, but there happens to be a certain strand that I want.

This is where the inheritance example sentence comes in to make the definition complete.

On our way home in the Monte Carlo....
Me: Idk why, but certain people just strike me as inheritance happy. (Yes I really say "Idk.")
Bear: Yeah, I could think of a couple myself...(wondering where this conversation is going.)
Me: You know my mom called the other day and said my grandma wanted to know if there was anything that I wanted as a part of my inheritance again. I feel bad, but I just haven't known what to ask I get a little weirded out when people start talking about things like that.
Bear: I know what you mean.
Me: Plus my grandma has always told me that she doesn't want to be serious about this until I become an attorney so I can draft the will for her. (I sent up another silent freak-out prayer to JC at this point.)
Bear: See that is just one more reason why you are going to become an attorney. You already have business generated even if it is familial.
Me: Yeah...

...a few silent moments later, we see a bulletin board with a lady wearing a strand of pearls and suddenly I have my answer...(a Eureka! moment if you will)...

Me: I would really like to have my grandmother's pearls. I wore them on my wedding day and I know she did too when she married my grandpa. Well I guess the next time Momma brings it up, I'll have an answer for her.

Question: Now did you need all of that to discern that I would really like to have my grandmother's pearls as my inheritance from her?

Answer: Nope, but maybe you learned a little something new today...and it might have been a little comical/random too.

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Brittany Ann said...

You were a gorgeous bride! And I feel the same way about my grandmother's diamond engagement ring! The sentimental element makes it so valuable!

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