Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday is "the 'BOBB' Section" Day

The Big Bear and I made a trip last weekend to Norman. We went to see my sister and to celebrate my sister in law's birthday. It was a good weekend overall.

Friday night I got to see some fellow Phi Lambs and as well as receiving some mucho needed girl time. I think we stayed up until 2...well I did. They kept talking until like 3. I might have been a bear to wake up so I could get my things out of the car. But that is just a might.

Saturday, we slept until noon and felt like we could have slept longer. It felt a lot like college actually. And in true college fashion we ate lunch late and then went out later that night. We went to the Mont. I am not a Sooner Swirl drinker; I like Mai Tai's. And the Mont makes one of the best. Of course, everyone under the sun was out and about due to a little cabin fever from the ice storm of last week. I can't say I blame them...I mean I was joining the party. Didn't get the Blue Room, but I forgot to call and reserve it. Either way, we had a lot of fun and the ranch burger was amazing as always. I truly believe that the Mont is a must if you're a Sooner.

Sunday, we woke up and ate JR's Barbeque and then headed out for a little lite shopping. We found a new campus store with all kinds of cute Sooner t-shirts and they have one of the best infant/toddler sections for mini Sooners I have ever seen. They had a cute tutu kit for girls, sippy cups, pacifiers, beanies, socks, leather patent shoes with little OU emblems on them, and little booties too. They even had an OU stroller. I will admit I almost bought it, but refrained due to the fear and sheer terror of jinxing myself. After that thought, we left. I found some cute Rocket Dogs at Rack Room shoes for $14 and then headed to Ross....and this is where your education for the day will begin.

Now, I have never been much of a Ross shopper, but we went to see what they had. And I am now a fan of the Ross experience. It has one of the best "BOBB" sections of my lifetime.
Now I am sure at this point, you might be asking yourself, "Self, what exactly is a 'BOBB' section?"

Well wonder no more sweetheart.

BOBB stands for Big Ol' Butt and Boobies.

I know my picture on my blog makes me look very sheek, but it's one of those pictures where I had the right clothes on to conceal my BOBB issue. It's what us Bobb girls do.

Anyway, I found two dresses and a skirt under $35 dollars. One of the dresses happens to be a classic black shift dress that my favorite lady Jackie Kennedy Onassis made famous. So as you might imagine I was more than over the moon about my recent finds and of course my new love for Ross. I mean when a girl gets to look like Jackie, especially this girl, than you can bet I am very pleased.

In fact, I'm wearing that dress flats, pearls, and big black sunglasses included. My hair even has a little poof with the sideways ponytail I've got in today.

I just need a Virginia Slim to complete it. Oh well.

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