Monday, January 12, 2009

January = Blech.

I do not like winter.

In fact, I hate it.

It is absolutely depressing to be stuck inside because the weather is so cold. And on top of that most of the time it doesn't even snow. So why should it be cold? Last year Brandon and I were on a cruise this very week. It seriously made a huge difference to be somewhere warm. The weather just makes me downright miserable and so irritable I can barely stand myself.


Okay now that I have that out of my system...sorta, I'll move along.


I am a blog reader. It started a few months ago. I would see an interesting entry on someone else's blog and click on it. I clicked on them so regularly that now I have just added some of them to my list of blogs I read.

I have two things to say/ask.

1. The majority of the blogs that I read are what I like to call miracle blogs. They are wonderful ladies who love the Lord and have had some major miracles happen in their lives. They also have had major strife and struggle too. It's just nice to have a reminder on bad today that God is always at work.

2. Is it weird that I do this? I have yet to comment on any of them because I don't know the majority...well any of them. But I feel like I know them in a way because I relate to them on so many different levels. And get this, most of them are in way different periods of life than I am.

And the biggest kicker is that these ladies put so much effort into them. I think it is definitely something to consider. Blogging definitely brings on a sense of community.

So I am going to try to be a little more dedicated in my blogging.

Just something to chew on.


Law school application process is coming along. Please continue to pray for me on that area...majorly. Yesterday during our church's prayer time, I didn't go to the altar to pray, but I definitely shed a few tears over the deal. Law school is something that I have wanted for a very long time and I have finally received the boost I needed. So pray pray pray!!

All my lovin' to you,

P.S. I should be getting a bloggy update soon!! I LOVE SHAUNA!! She is grrrrrrrrrreat!

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