Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

It is crazy to think that all of my posts from last year are now in one little section known only as 2008. But that's just another reminder that life goes on. And I for one am glad to see 2008 go. I say good riddens to it actually.

Well last night we were out at my parent's bringing the new year. We watched Jeff Dunham. He is pretty funny and Brandon and I still can't remember if he was on our cruise or not. Speaking of cruises, i have a serious itch to travel majorly again. So I'm sure a trip to somewhere fabulous will soon be in the works.

I still don't know my LSAT score, but it will come soon enough. People around me are more nervous than I am at times. I'm not sure what to make of that. Of course I am still having silent freak-outs, but I have decided those don't count. I just told you i am having them so I guess they do now. Oh well.

Brandon and I were very sick through Christmas. I got sick while watching a Dog the Bounty Hunter marathon on Christmas Eve and Brandon was soon to follow the next day. We have only just started to feel better. I won't go into details about what happened but it was savage and severe.

Speaking of Christmas, mine was spectacular, I was surprised and extremely blessed this year to spend it with people I love even if I was sicker than a dog.

I am back at work now and as usual am now ready for winter to be gone. I like it through Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's and then I am done. There is no sport on tv that I wish to watch until baseball. So winter consider this my notice to you.

I for one am ready for spring.

Lots of lovin and wishin for the Sooners to win the National Championship,

P.S. I guest blogged over on Emily's today too!

1 comment:

emmy said...

Thank you for guest blogging! It was fabulous, of course!

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