Saturday, December 6, 2008

well it finally happened...

I took the LSAT this morning. I think I texted everyone to pray for me. If Jesus had a cell phone, my text would have been something to the effect of "Oh please oh please let this go well!! If I get one wrong, how bout you change the answers up for me, okay?"

Ha...okay maybe it was only funny to me.

I sang along to Britney Spears' "Piece of Me", *NSYNC''s "Gone" Snow Patrol's, "Chasing Cars" and Coldplay's "Viva La Vida." I may have also listened to songs 1,3,4,5,6,10 and 11 of the Legally Blonde the Musical cd too. But if I admitted that I might sound a little cheesy...oops! I did it again! Haha. I also listened to that song too.

Side note worth mentioning, everything gets really blown out of proportion when a big test is looming in front of me. For example, I couldn't sleep because it seemed like our house suddenly went from being from the roaring 20s to pre-statehood status with all the creaks it made. Brandon's snoring...well enough said and I wigged when I couldn't find my favorite chapstick AND my lucky underwear this morning!

As usual, I have strayed from where this post was originally headed. That's a Southern thing I think. I feel that it is important background information for you as the reader/listener to know all details. Otherwise the story simply doesn't go together.

Alright, I'm ready to talk about what really happened today. After the morning LSAT debacle, I met up with my husband, siblings and mom for a cheer competition. My little sister is destined to be Homecoming Queen some day. I mean really, she's a shoe-in considering her big sister was THE Football Sweetheart...which as you all know is second in line to the crown as I walked out before the Queen. Not to mention the fact, that the girl is virtually amazing at whatever she does. She'll cheer in the fall, cheer and play basketball in the winter and run track in the spring....

Details are important people. Details.

So after we watched her perform we headed to Barnes and Noble. Now that I finally have a life again, I can return to my world of book worminess. I bought the new J.K. Rowling The Tales of Beedle the Bard. I also decided that I needed to read something of historical substance. Naturally, I went to the biographical section to find a Kennedy book. I've read just about everything there is to read in this section at Barnes and Noble...or so I thought.

I stroll down the aisle and realize the inevitable happened. I have read EVERY and I mean EVERY book in the Kennedy biographical section in the Tulsa Barnes and Noble. (Isn't it funny that I say Kennedy bio section as if it literally has its own section in the store?)

I don't know whether I should be proud or cry.

I mean, since I was 14 I've been reading...and reading...and reading...and reading about the Kennedy family.

Jackie, Joan and it...and own the movie.

Mrs. it.

The Kennedy it.

The Kennedy it.

The Kennedy's :The Next it.

The Kennedy it.

Caroline it.

And the rest I can't remember their title names. But I've read them and I've read all of these more than once.

So...if you need Christmas ideas for yours truly, find a Kennedy book that I have NEVER read...and you my friend will be an instant winna' full of life and viga'! (Winner full of life and vigor.)

Ah well, I did find out that Entertainment Weekly is now my best friend in the celeb goss' world. So I guess there is something to show for the day. And it's Harry Potter weekend on ABC Family. So it seems I'll survive...for another day. And then there's that second book of the Twilight series to read again. But it's no fun cause let's just go ahead and say it...Jacob is NO Edward. I'm trudging through it like a trooper in the trenches. And then there's the Big 12 Game where the Sooners will hopefully have their torches ready so that Chase Daniels can die in a fire yet again! And I do have some Christmas presents that desperately need to be wrapped.

It still isn't the same without a new Kennedy book to read...not the same at all.

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