Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday is "Pet Peeve" Day

During my last semester of college, I stayed active in my sorority for many reasons. The biggest being that I needed that time to just be with other girls. One of the events for the semester was our Fall Member Retreat. At the retreat, we stayed up until the wee hours of the night giggling about nothing important. (When I say wee hours I'm talking 2 or 3...yes we might have been a little lame that night. Bite me.) One of the topics of discussion were our pet peeves.

I'm not really sure why I am thinking about this night or this specific conversation, but I am so bear with me....maybe I'm not feeling the motivation required to deliver the usual magnanimousness that I do. (Yes it is a word.)

Here are a few of my pet peeves:
  • I do not like it when someone does not close their mouth while eating. SMACKING is even worse.
  • LIARS.
  • People who act a certain way around one group and a totally different way around another group.
  • Grudge know the kind that have the ability to punish the ones who have committed offenses simply by being in their presence without saying one word. But you know they still hold it against you by their actions.
  • If you do not know the words to a song, do not sing. It is that simple. Listen to the song until you do.
  • Brown-nosers. I will not kiss your butt to get you to like me. I am a good person and that will show if you give me the time to do so. I have bad days just like every one else, including yourself.
  • Nosey people. We all are a little nosey if we let ourselves be honest, however there is a whole other level that is unneccesary.
  • Snide, underhanded remarks. If you have something to say, say it.
  • Agenda setters. Now I am not talking about having a plan for your life. I have no problem with that, but when your plan means you'll be the cause of friendship break-ups in order to do so, then count me out. ESPECIALLY if you do not own up to your own actions.
  • Finally, life does not happen to you. Take responsibility for your own actions and quit blaming your issues on other people. You have the ability to choose your responses to other's actions, whether they be vile or simply wonderful.

Well I've stepped off my soapbox for the afternoon. I hope you're having a considerably wintry afternoon. And for those of you who live in a city, I hope you're drinking Starbucks for me.

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