Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday is "Womanizer" Day

Womanizer: guy who makes zillions of women think he is in love with them and that he is the best guy in the universe but never know he is making 12,774,763,836,543 other women think that too
Chuck Bass is a womanizer. Just ask Jenny Humphrey about it.

Man whore: A male who typically juggles "commitments" with multiple females at once, while engaging in non-committal sexual relations on the side; a man that tries to hang out with girls at his school/workplace in the hopes that he will one day get into their pants
Dr. Mark Sloan aka "McSteamy" is the resident man whore at Seattle Grace.

Man Bia': Male prostitute. One who does it for money.
Kevin Federline. Cash Warren. Nick Lachey. 'Nuff Said.

Playa': A male who uses women for sex or other favors usually by charming the girl till they fall in love with them. A lot of guys do this in order to be a "playa" cuz in our modern society it is(by idiotic ignoramo's) "cool" and "hip" to be labeled as a "playa".
Bill Clinton and John Kennedy were major presidential playas. Monica and Marilyn ringin' any bells for ya?

I haven't been literally educational in quite some time and I felt it as my duty to not fail you today. And maybe, just maybe I like Brit's new song.

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