Monday, November 10, 2008

The Monday Report

Every morning on my way to work, I contemplate life. However, it seems to heighten on Monday mornings. I think this has to do with the fact that on most Sunday nights, I don't get to sleep as early as I do throughout the week. My lack of sleep on Sundays is due to me going ninety to nothing all weekend long, and my body just doesn't seem to know how to unwind...and neither does my mind. I think all kinds of things, so much so that it carries over to Monday morning.

Drivers in the Oklahoma Area
I have discovered that people are creatures of habit. I know this is no shocking revelation. But today, I'm discussing their habitual nature with regards to their driving tendencies. While in Norman for my collegiate years, I learned that the metro drivers like to flip people off. In Tulsa, they are horn happy. . No other time in my life have I ever experienced such road rage it seems. But it seems that I am outraged by the lack of people's common sense. Two examples will follow.

Example #1
I was driving along this morning. I found myself to be in an uncharacteristically good mood as I got more than the usual sleep I do on Sunday nights. (I know I just gave this huge schpiel about getting not enough sleep and I totally throw you for a loop. My apologies.) My iTunes playlist was simply outstanding. It was playing all the songs I wanted to hear. Some in fact would call this morning, stellar. I know I did. However, I was still trying to get out of Small Town, Oklahoma, so that was about to change. I was coming around a slight curve. There was a car waiting to turn out in the lanes of traffic that I was driving on. He was inside the ten...yard line that far as distance from me to him was concerned. I was closing in on the touchdown that it would have been to get past him before he pulled out. I was at the five. Now let's pause for a moment on this situation and think. 5 yards means 15 feet. I just wanted to clarify that thought. And the JERK pulled out in front of me!! Is he for real? There was no room in the other lane for him to illegally get over, so he stayed in my lane. I had to slam on my brakes. I was doing 50! And then he has the nerve to raise his hands up at me in disgust when I glare at him through his rear view mirror! I mean really? As soon as I could I passed him. Then he honks his horn at me. What a moron. The guy pulls out in front of me. If an accident had occurred it would have been his fault! And yet, he has the audacity to think otherwise.
Example #2
Glad to have no accidents occurred, I moved on and continued to enjoy my music. And I got stuck behind a missy prissy who felt it was her duty to drive 65 and stay in the passing matter what. Of course traffic was a little congested, so it wasn't like I could pass her in the SLOW LANE or anything. But she managed to speed up just enough to pass those people. Now I pause at this moment to say, that yes the speed limit on HWY 62 is in fact 65, but she didn't want to pass people on the right until I threatened to go around her.
Finally, the roadway cleared and I got in the right lane to pass her.
So I moved to the left lane.
That was it. I got over in the other lane and slowed down to 55, she slowed down thinking she had beat me. Then I gunned it and waved as I passed her. I set my cruise to 70ish and left her in the dust. Now is it wrong of me to speed? Yes. But it is also very wrong of her to sit in the passing lane when she is not passing anyone other than the fact so that she can continue to sit in the passing lane. I mean seriously, once I have passed a person, I move over into the right lane. So that other people like the Toyota Tundra that was behind us while this mess was going on could get passed her as well. (He flipped her off when he passed her btw.)
OH! It just really chaps me that people act this way.

Countdowns to major events...
  • The LSAT is three weeks away. I get nauseated every time I think about it.
  • Las Vegas is in two weeks. I am excited, but stressed because I have major studying to do before that time. And more studying to do while we're there. School first, play second. So I haven't really let myself get too excited over it yet.
  • Christmas is 45 days away. I am about to burst at the seems for my excitement, but I work with a bunch of Ebeneezer Scrooge's. So I'll have to wait to let my "Winter Wonderland" scentsy stuff smell up the office. And I'll have to wait to decorate my desk until after Thanksgiving. And I really have to wait to play Christmas tunes at my desk. I mean they really are lame ducks. Those poor people won't know what hit them. I even plan to schedule a Tacky Christmas Sweater day at work in honor of the festivities.
  • Our first anniversary is a month and a half away. I need a really good idea for a gift for Brandon. It's the paper anniversary. So give me your best. Plus I think we might be going up to Branson for a couple of days. To take in the sights at Christmas time in Branson is a must see, I hear.

I suppose that is all for my Monday report. I've got some things I need to get tackled before Wednesday.


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