Saturday, November 29, 2008

I won my first award...WOOT!

I have to list 5 of my fabulous addictions and then pass it on to five others.

1. College Football.
I don't talk about this obsession as often as I should. But let me talk about my devotion levels for a moment. I planned my entire wedding and the events that go with it around football season. All wedding showers were on away game weekends. My bachelorette party was the weekend AFTER Big 12. No, this is not a ridiculous thing to do and I do not understand anyone who would think otherwise. This love is deeply rooted in the fact that I am from the South, my dad and uncles were all obsessed with the game, and my high school friends were the boys from the football team. I may be a girly girl, but in the South, liking football is part of being a girly girl. I cannot get enough of the game. I can talk smack with the best of them and do not appreciate it when a guy thinks that because I'm a girl I don't know what I'm talking about. I happen to think that my teachers did an excellent job with their student.

2. celeb slouch look.
Another addiction of mine is the celebrity media frenzy. I have opinions on just about every celebrity out there. If I don't know a lot about the person, but have noticed their increasing appearances on Pink is the New Blog, UsWeekly, and People you can bet I've wikipedia'd them. One of my biggest addictions is what they look like when they are in their "normal" clothes. I could write a book on celeb requirements for a civilian look. For example, typically big sunglasses, a big bag, bedhead, a favorite t-shirt/jeans are involved and let's not forget the ever present Starbucks/green item in hand. I rocked all of the above the entire time I moved about in the airport this past Thanksgiving week. This is typically how I learn about the latest trends. No joke...and maybe my religious reading of the above celeb sources helps a little too.

3. twilight/sex and the city soundtracks.
I do not know how this has worked out, but I do not have the soundtrack for either of these movies. They are my favorite for sure from this 2008 movie season. I have seen Twilight twice and will go back tomorrow to see it again. It might be a good idea to buy it for my iPod I am getting for Christmas. But I digress, I cannot get enough of the music from these movies. I listen to everything but all day long with my iPod, but when I'm walking around humming it is to music from these movies. red glasses.
For as long as I can remember I have never been a fan of the fact that I required glasses. I got contacts as soon as humanly possible because I was so mortified in the 8th grade. But this semester, i got a pair of red rimmed glasses. They are amazing. The attorneys that I work with tell me all the time that I should wear them regularly. Then maybe I could become known as the attorney who wears the red glasses all the time. Kinda cool. I know this sounds highly nerdy of me, but it's a hot nerdy. I promise.

5. Christmas decorations
It is no secret that I love Christmas, but one of my favorite parts is the actual decorating part. When Brandon and I initially got married, he kept saying I want input on where we put our stuff in our house. And for me, that didn't really feel like it was something he should do. Yes he should definitely put the nails in the wall, but as for deciding where things go that was all me. I just feel like it's one of the things that i should be responsible for as the wife. And the same falls into our Christmas decorating. I have completely set up the inside of our house. I should post a picture about this soon because it is way cute. But decorating is an addiction because it is a physical way for me to contribute one of my womanly duties in this husband/wifey relationship.

So there you have it. I have decided to tag Emily, Mary kathy, Jess T., Kelsey and Jessi. I know you girls are fabulous and no it's not just cause you're my sorority sisters. ;)

1 comment:

Brandon said...

So when ya going to start doing the dishes then too. LOL. I love ya!

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