Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday is "High/Low" Day

In the spring of my junior year I think....yeah it was my junior year because I was the chaplain of Phi Lamb at the time. I had the pleasure of being in a covenant group with Emily Westb, Laura Carr, and Jamie Cutchall. I say pleasure because as Chaplain, I had the duty to make up the cov. groups. So as far as privilege goes, you can decide that for yourself. I can't really say it was a privilege since I gave the group to myself technically. Anyway, every week that semester we had "High/Low" time. Now for those of you who do not know what High/Low is, basically you state your highs and your lows for the week. (That's the educational part you see.) So today I'll be telling you the highs and lows of my life. After all that is how life is. We take the good and the bad every day.

  1. Old people: This low has to be written very carefully so I do not offend someone. So please understand that I have no intention whatsoever to be disrespectful. But I am really not a fan of the elderly who seem to have no respect for anyone but demand that they be respected for their age. Now I was raised to respect your elders like everyone else in the South who has manners. But it does not mean that I will just take a verbal beating because you have chosen to generalize me with the rest of my generation. Now I'm not perfect by any means, but I do like to think I am going to make something of myself one of these days. So please respect my experiences even if they do not match your time on Earth. They are still unique and no I did not grow up during the Depression like you, but I did grow up during the fall of the Berlin Wall and Monica Lewinsky, thank you. I guess I'm just sayin' if you want respect you have to give some too. To have a friend, you must be a friend.
  2. Doors Shut: When people are mad, have a secret, or something big is about to happen in the office, they shut their door. Well that has been happening a lot today. So something big is about to happen. And it may not be too great.
  3. People Hatin': People have been hatin' on my Christmas music all day and I do NOT appreciate it. You have your own office that you can shut your door and hide in...and listen to your own music for goodness sakes.
  4. Sam's Cam: My car is dying a little more every day due to old age and high mileage. Please pray that Jesus helps Camille hold out until the last possible second.
  5. Cowboy fans: No, unfortunately, I am not talking about the Dallas Cowboys. I'm talking about the other know the O-State kind. While I was glad that Chase Daniel died in a fire, I am not glad that OU lost this weekend. I'm still wearing big Jackie O sunglasses over that one. And it doesn't help that I work with nothing but O-State fans for the most part. I could just puke.


  1. Icky Days: For now I like the nasty weather because it means that Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years will be here soon enough. It's nice to enjoy a cold day. Too bad there isn't a Starbucks in the nearest 75 mile radius....
  2. Grad Check: MY HUSBAND IS A SENIOR IN COLLEGE!!! Oh my goodness, I am so excited about this because I know how hard and how well he has done this past year in school to get his grads back on track.
  3. Car Shopping: Okay, so I'm just going to put out there that we have been shopping for a car. Not sure what we are going to get, but it will be new to us for sure. I'll let you know via post. And don't worry, I'll be sure to post pictures.
  4. Daily Dr. Pepper: I have been working out recently. You know post-graduation you actually have to join a gym. You can't go to the Huff anymore, which is totally lame. Anyway, I still let myself have a Dr. Pepper a day, should I choose to do so. And it's about that time for today.
  5. New Christmas Music: I am a major connisseur of Christmas music. And as such, it is very hard to hear a song that I have not already heard. Every song has been done in some form or fashion many times. Well this year, I found some Andrews Sisters stuff and an Italian Christmas song that I did not know existed. I am in heaven.
  6. Right as Rain: I am still regular.
  7. Not Preggo with an Eggo: I am not pregnant. Thank you Jesus!

And that's the educational post for today. Thank you. Good Afternoon and Good night.

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emmy said...

Gotta love High/Low. I'll do mine:
H: I'm either going to have a total of 4 or 5 Broadway shows this week.
L: I miss Norman (and all that comes with it... yourself included).

I'll comment again with more later. I'm having a super homesick day. I'm evening listening to country music.

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