Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday is "Sex Education" Day.

Parents, talk to your kids about sex. Talk to them about the responsibilities that come with it. Don't act like sex is something that does not exist. You are only doing them a great disservice.

And that's the end of my education for the day.

This is me venting for a moment...

I really wish people would own up to their actions.
I'm tired of hearing it's because someone else did something and that's why they did whatever it is that they did.
You make your own decisions so do yourself a favor and own up to them!!!
Quit blaming others for why things are so messed up in your life.
Be an adult!!!

Okay venting moment over.

*Edit* McDonalds is currently giving away Wizard of Oz toys in the girl happy meal. I NEED a full collection people. So next time you go to MickeyD's which should be as soon as you can get out the door, don't forget to pick up a toy for me!!! I'm so dead serious right now case you didn't know.

P.S. At this point, I have Glinda.

1 comment:

emmy said...

Yeah, if Spring Awakening is any indicator of real life, then you better tell your kids about sex or they'll go sleep with their childhood friend and get pregnant and not even realize that's how it happens.

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