Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday is "Gossip Girl" Day...

Today's post will be educational in the sense that, what you're reading are facts about me.

  • I have started watching Gossip Girls online. I'm only on episode 3 of the first season. So I'm Team van der Woodsen...surprise....surprise. Maybe things will change...maybe.
  • I found a way to spice up the ol' blog. Thank u Megan Tree! My new blog look should occur sometime next week!
  • It has been raining all day long. I came to work today, unfortunately. However, I have made up my mind that next month I will be taking a rain day.
  • My bestie is sick way up in the Big Apple and I asked her if she went to the big "New York Hospital"? After I sent the text, I realized how ridiculous I really sounded. Because as we all know, New York has more than one hospital. Hahaha...I still think it's pretty funny. I guess it is good that I can laugh at myself.
  • I'm going to Norman AGAIN this weekend. I need one ticket at this point people!
  • And this is the blog description that I sent to Shauna....what do we think kids?
  • The name of my blog is kind of a description of me. Ruby is for my favorite movies, the Wizard of Oz and Legally Blonde. I know Legally Blonde makes a person think of pink, but if you think of the movie you'll know that every Elle has a signature color and ruby red is mine. I am an alumni of the University of Oklahoma as well and it is also one of the colors from my sorority. I am a newlywed, and in the spirit of being a newlywed, I decided to "collect" turtles...because new wives are supposed to do that right? Plus my last name starts with a "T" now. And finally the hippie represents my political views, while it may come off as a liberal since that is what hippies are typically known for, I'm referring to the grassroots of the Democratic party...aka John Kennedy. I'm all about public service and the environment, which puts me politically moderate. And my style fashion wise goes with JAckie Kennedy, so I'm a preppy hippie, if that's possible. And finally if I had to choose between Los Angeles or New York for a fast lane life, I'd pick LA. And just for the hey, I love fleur de lis!

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