Monday, September 22, 2008

Madame Morrible Monday

  • I don't like it when I'm second guessed. In fact, I hate it...especially on really little things. I mean really, when you ask me, "Did you have the girls check this out before bringing it to us?" It makes me really want to tell you a "here's your sign" joke. Which by the way, you wouldn't get and then I would have to explain myself. So please give me the benefit of the doubt and accept that I am competent. And in reality, I'm far above just competent. I'm a freaking rock star at what I do.
  • Top Friends on Facebook: Ha...well, where should I start? This week, I found out that I am not in two people's top friend's lists that I should be. Call me 13, whatev. But when something happens on facebook and someone forgets you, it miffs you. (And when I say you, I mean ME!) And if you say it doesn't and you're not a girl, then you're lying. And if you talk about being biffels, then you should be biffel's in every other aspect of life. This includes facebook. I don't ever talk about facebook, because my etiquette on it is quite quirky. (For example, I look through an album at LEAST twice before I ever consider making a comment. Yeah, I know.) But today is an exception because it was a really bad day.
  • Everyone should poop at LEAST once a day. Currently, this is not the case for some people in my life. I won't tell you from which part, but seriously it should be a major concern if you haven't in 3 dayS!!! Farting does not count.
  • If you're finished with something, how hard is it to put it away?
  • And please do not bite my butt, when your day isn't going as planned. Other people are going through Monday just like you are.
Thankfully, there are things like the story of the time that Emily came to Small Town, Oklahoma and I had to run in the house for something to do with the wedding, that make life all better...

I left the car door open.

You would have thought I committed a mortal sin because my sister screamed, "Why are you born in a barn?"

I think Emily and I were in stitches, but Jessi was not finished.

She then yelled, "Ya big DIMWAD!" for extra effect.

Needless to say, DIMWAD still brings a smile to my face. And yes, I spell DIMWAD like that every time.

I can't even imagine how my life would exist without moments like these. They are too few and far between.


Katherine said...

i avoid top friends. i know who loves me and is a part of my life and rankings only hurt feelings.

I know that only got to you because you were already down, but cheer up, many people think you are amazing, me especially. I mean I wanted to be your friend from the day I saw you perform a silly gansta skit at Rush, Fall '05.

Hang in there, I hope today is much better!!

emmy said...

"And if you talk about being biffels, then you should be biffel's in every other aspect of life. This includes facebook."

That was a little over the top.

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