Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Fall y'all.

Ladies, and ladies...ahem.

Today I am experiencing major and I mean MAJOR drive.
Why may you ask am I lacking drive?

Well I'll tell you. The answer to your question is work. I do not want to be at work today.

Back in the day at college, I was known for my ability to skip class with such inept skill. I even kept an email file of all the excuses I ever used for class in my email. I mean, what I did was legendary. However, in school there always came a time for a break.

Work doesn't have those. Shoot me. Seriously. There are far better things I could be doing right now at this very moment, instead of writing this blog from my work space. So in honor of said rebellion, I'm going to list all the things I could be doing instead of being stuck in an office.

1. I could be walking around Campus Corner, starbucks in hand, windowshopping for this fall's shoes.
2. I could be in an airport on my way somewhere fabulous.
3. Annnd while I'm on my way somewhere fabulous, I could be doing my best hungover celebrity impression. You know, the one where they layer their clothes obsessively and wear huge sunglasses while looking like they're bored with life as they are glued to their cellphones. Yes that one.
4. I could be taking a nap with the windows open.
5. I could be reading a book outside.
6. I could be running a Sonic drink to my mom at work.
7. I could be eating Texadelphia.
8. I could be...well...heehee.
9. I could be reading my LSAT books.

Number 9 should say it all people. Seriously, if I would rather be at home reading for my LSAT's, then be here you know I am wanting to skip somethin' fierce.

And yet, here I sit....

1 comment:

emmy said...

Excellent point. Though today is one of those rare days in which I am extremely productive, I can totally feel ya.

In honor of your post, I'm going to list 9 things I'd rather be doing:
1. Watching a play at the New York Theater Festival.
2. Eating a cupcake from one of my favorite bakeries.
3. Doing my laundry while reading my new book.
4. Taking a nap with my windows open.
5. Standing outside the stage door of Equus to stalk Daniel Radcliffe.
6. Getting off of a plane at Will Rogers.
7. Drinking Sooner Swirls at the Mont.
8. Shopping at Bendel's (probably a good thing I'm not doing that).
9. Driving the bus... or some other PLBD activity.

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