Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the birthday post...

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.
The Beatles, White Album

You knew this was coming and at this point I wonder why you're even surprised.

Today is my birthday kids. I am going to be the Big "Two Dozen". I now use a whole box of candles as my brother and sister like to inform me. Often times, on this day people ask what I think about the most...besides the lame "well do you feel any older" question.

And honestly, I think about my mom and my dad. I know it sound SUPER cheesy, but it's true.

When I really began to get into history when I was younger, which by the way was 9 or 10, I became very interested in what my history was. (And yes, my nerd-dom started that early.) And so usually I think about what my mom was thinking about on my birthday. You know we celebrate the person who was born, but I always remember her. Don't get me wrong I love the attention that comes with this day because my parents have always made it special, not to mention the countless phone calls, text messages and fbook wall posts from the friends. And then there's the obscene amount of gifts that roll in for the day.

But I really think about her.

Was she scared? Nervous? Excited? And I know the answer to all of these questions are a resounding "Yes!" But I still wish I could have been there. I'm the oldest and so there are lots of things that would happen, that would never happen again. Guess that's why it is one of those things I'll have to ask Jesus, if I can watch the video. I think that's why she always makes me and my siblings day so special. Bcause it was special for her too.

Now my dad is a totally different story. I think about my dad because I wonder what music/book he is going to bring to me. For as long as I can remember my dad has given me a book or a cd for my birthday. And usually, it is something that goes with my life for that year or for the world for that matter. (I'm pretty sure he bought me my first Kennedy book too!) The year that I turned 16 I even got a cd. They had already bought me a car, but my dad was adament that I have music to go in the car.

"How can you get down the road without your music blaring to the right music?" he said.

Music and a love of reading are two things that my dad and I will always share.

So today, at 2:32 pm, I'm sure I'll think about them...and smile.

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Shauna said...

Happy Belated! That is nice that you think about your mom - because you are was a big deal for her. I think of that sometimes with my kids' why arent you all celebrating ME??? Because on those days - I think it was a bigger day for us as parents than it ever was for our kids. Anyhow - Happy day!

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