Tuesday, September 30, 2008

PLBD motha' chucka'!

And yes my title's six words.

shoulda, coulda, woulda....

John McCain shoulda never suspended his campaign.
He coulda avoided "political stunt" speculation.
He woulda never taken a hit in the polls.

Oh well.

Monday, September 29, 2008

There's only ONE Oklahoma.

The Sooners are number ONE y'all.
I am so excited, I can barely stand myself.

Of course, if I had more energy I would write a better post about my excitement. BUUUUUTTT....I was bit by a red ant this weekend. And so I had to take some Benadryl to help with the allergic reaction. So I am super sleepy. We're talking I missed my alarm clock this morning b/c I was so tired. It's a little ridiculous if you ask me.

Laters and loves.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Do you believe in miracles? For me, they usually come in twos.

"Daddy, teacher says, every time a bell rings, an angel gets its wings." -It's a Wonderful Life.

If you notice I don't mention Jesus all that much on my site. It's not because I'm not a Christian. It seems that when we put our faith out there people tend to zoom in on your life a little more. I think this is because we overcome the darkness of sin by proclaiming God's love. And yes we do that when we simply say we're for Him. And I'll be the first to admit that I'm definitely afraid of the potential zooming of my life. This is something I struggle with because it is easier to take the other route. But God wants us to live our lives to the fullest. He accepts us for the good and the bad. But I digress. We're here to talk about miracles people. I think I just had this on my mind, because of what I am about to post.

This is the real post.
Every Christmas we celebrate the birth of Christ, and in the spring we celebrate His resurrection. Both are MAJOR miracles. God still makes them happen every day and twelve years ago, I witnessed one first hand. Now I'm not saying I haven't seen any since then, but this one has had a major impact on my life. But the process for the miracle...well miracles, to happen actually started 13 years ago....

(This would be 1995. Friends was the new hit show and I was at the end of my fourth grade year.)

My pappaw and my dad were extremely close. They did everything together. My pappaw restored old cars, and my dad restores old cars. My pappaw sold cars and my dad still sells cars. My pappaw suffered from depression and my dad didn't struggle with it, but he was there to pull him up from under it. This caused some problems for my parents and unfortunately only got worse when my pappaw was diagnosed with colon cancer. Long story short, times were hard for our family. Of course Jessi and I were 10 and 7, so we had no clue. We just knew that pappaw was sick. Well eventually, my pappaw died and my dad had lost his best friend. That was in the winter. In the fall of that year, he lost his best friend and groomsman to a massive heart attack. Things seemed as if they could only get worse because the holidays were just around the corner. It was to be the first Thanksiving and Christmas without Pappaw. This was a major blow because we spent every Christmas Eve together. This was even before my parents had kids. But it just seemed like it would be too hard. So our family decided to go see my grandparents in Las Vegas for Christmas to ease the pain and to just get away. (If you're lost in the time frame of the story, we're now at approximately 12 years and 9 months ago. ;)

Three months later... (aka February of 1996)

Things were still hard at times for my dad, but my parents seem to be happy for the most part. Then my mom got really sick, she was throwing up every morning. And I'm not exaggerating. Every morning at 6:30 am, she was in there yacking up the latest nastiness. Finally, my mom went to the doctor.

My mom was pregnant.

One week and a sonogram picture later...

My mom was pregnant with twins...boy twins to be exact. HA! (Loren was the first twin to be born. Not all miracles go exactly as planned. God has more than a few tricks up his sleeve.)

And twelve years later this Saturday, two little miracles were born. You see, God sees when people are hurting, and most of the time he brings you a miracle. In my family's case, it seems like we needed two. And while my parents never planned to have four kids, God planned for them to have four kids. And that's the only plan that matters.

So this Saturday, if you see Miff and Biff you just remember that they are two of God's biggest miracles this side of the Mississippi. And I happen to think that they are here for major reasons, some have already been revealed while others remain to be seen.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Wednesday is "Elvis Presley" Day

I am a fan of the King of Rock and Roll. This is natural, because I am huge lover of anything musical. This love has serious roots in my life. In fact, I've always imagined my parents driving around town with the Beach Boys' "Endless Summer" 8-track playing while she was pregnant with me. One of these days long from now, I plan to do the same. But I digress. Today we're here to discuss the King of Rock and Roll.
  • Elvis Aaron Presley was born with a twin brother. His name was Jesse Garon and he died from complications during the birth.
  • He died August 16, 1977 due to an overdose.
  • Elvis was extremely spiritual. He read numerous volumes of spiritual laws including the Quran, the Torah and of course the Bible.
  • Elvis was raised in the Assembly of God church.
  • Elvis gave his mother a pink cadillac to symbolize his love and devotion for her.
  • His mother, Gladys would never realize Elvis's full potential. She died from a heart attack.
  • Elvis never overcame the depression from the loss of his mother. He spent the rest of his life trying to find someone to fit her mold.
  • Elvis has only been married once.
  • He married Priscilla Ann Beaulieu on May 1, 1967 and nine months later, to the day on February 1, 1968 they had a little girl named Lisa Marie.
  • Lisa Marie has given the King more royalty in the form of two grandchildren....with two more on the way. That is a total of four, pending the babies are born healthy.

Those are just a few facts. Hope you're having a good day!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Madame Morrible Monday

  • I don't like it when I'm second guessed. In fact, I hate it...especially on really little things. I mean really, when you ask me, "Did you have the girls check this out before bringing it to us?" It makes me really want to tell you a "here's your sign" joke. Which by the way, you wouldn't get and then I would have to explain myself. So please give me the benefit of the doubt and accept that I am competent. And in reality, I'm far above just competent. I'm a freaking rock star at what I do.
  • Top Friends on Facebook: Ha...well, where should I start? This week, I found out that I am not in two people's top friend's lists that I should be. Call me 13, whatev. But when something happens on facebook and someone forgets you, it miffs you. (And when I say you, I mean ME!) And if you say it doesn't and you're not a girl, then you're lying. And if you talk about being biffels, then you should be biffel's in every other aspect of life. This includes facebook. I don't ever talk about facebook, because my etiquette on it is quite quirky. (For example, I look through an album at LEAST twice before I ever consider making a comment. Yeah, I know.) But today is an exception because it was a really bad day.
  • Everyone should poop at LEAST once a day. Currently, this is not the case for some people in my life. I won't tell you from which part, but seriously it should be a major concern if you haven't in 3 dayS!!! Farting does not count.
  • If you're finished with something, how hard is it to put it away?
  • And please do not bite my butt, when your day isn't going as planned. Other people are going through Monday just like you are.
Thankfully, there are things like the story of the time that Emily came to Small Town, Oklahoma and I had to run in the house for something to do with the wedding, that make life all better...

I left the car door open.

You would have thought I committed a mortal sin because my sister screamed, "Why are you born in a barn?"

I think Emily and I were in stitches, but Jessi was not finished.

She then yelled, "Ya big DIMWAD!" for extra effect.

Needless to say, DIMWAD still brings a smile to my face. And yes, I spell DIMWAD like that every time.

I can't even imagine how my life would exist without moments like these. They are too few and far between.

Friday, September 19, 2008

the anal update.

Well I just want everyone to know that this morning ran a WHOLE lot smoother. I ordered my white hot chocolate with caramel drizzle. I was very pleasant as I did so too. (I still repeated it twice, but I was really nice when I did it.)

And my Wizard of Oz doll collection from McDonald's is coming along quite nicely. I even have one doll coming from New York City!! (Lawl...ps, everytime someone says "New York City" in its entirety, I think about the Pace Picante commercial from the early 90s. Yeah, you know that one!)

P.S. I can't wait to be a prosecuting attorney so I can wear a big bad badge! Details on this statement later.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

one of those anal people...

"The details of your incompetence do not interest me." - Miranda Priestly, The Devil Wears Prada

Last night on our way home, Brandon and I discovered that Starbucks has returned to life in little ole' Small Town, Oklahoma! Joy lept into my heart at the realization. So naturally, I woke up early this morning to enjoy Starbucks. It is fall after all y'all.

I pulled in the drive-through lane and ordered a white hot chocolate with caramel drizzle, searing hot.

Now can someone please explain to me how a white hot chocolate translates into a WHITE MOCHA? I do not drink coffee. It is disgusting. Sorry Katherine, but coffee does not get me going.

Twice before I have ordered from the same Starbucks and they will say when they repeat the order, "white mocha". I correct the imbecils and my drink is fine. It is something that happens with the ordering system on their registers. They do not have a white hot chocolate option...so it seems. This time the guy repeated the order to me as I said it. But when I picked up the order at the window, the girl said, "white mocha". I gave her the benefit of the doubt and put the cup in my cup holder, because it was searing hot.

A few minutes later, I picked up the cup and smelled nastiness.

So now, I will have to be one of the REALLY anal people who will say his/her order twice because he/she does not trust the worker to overcome their level of incompetence to get it right the first time. It will probably sound something like this....

"I would like a grande white hot chocolate with caramel drizzle, searing hot please. And no I do NOT want a white mocha. I want a white HOT CHOCOLATE, that means no coffee. at. all."

And yes I know, I'm already anal due to the fact that I do not drink my hot chocolate plain with no twists. I realize that I require it to be white, with caramel drizzle and searing hot. But really, if people would listen the first time, it would not be a problem. I hate being this way, but twice before this has almost happened. There is no miscommunication going on whatsoever. Just do it the way I ask, because otherwise I won't be able to function.

As Miranda Priestly would say, "That's all."

P.S. I got to use the word imbecil. Do you know how excited I am?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday is "Sex Education" Day.

Parents, talk to your kids about sex. Talk to them about the responsibilities that come with it. Don't act like sex is something that does not exist. You are only doing them a great disservice.

And that's the end of my education for the day.

This is me venting for a moment...

I really wish people would own up to their actions.
I'm tired of hearing it's because someone else did something and that's why they did whatever it is that they did.
You make your own decisions so do yourself a favor and own up to them!!!
Quit blaming others for why things are so messed up in your life.
Be an adult!!!

Okay venting moment over.

*Edit* McDonalds is currently giving away Wizard of Oz toys in the girl happy meal. I NEED a full collection people. So next time you go to MickeyD's which should be as soon as you can get out the door, don't forget to pick up a toy for me!!! I'm so dead serious right now too...in case you didn't know.

P.S. At this point, I have Glinda.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

It's Fall y'all.

Ladies, and ladies...ahem.

Today I am experiencing major and I mean MAJOR drive.
Why may you ask am I lacking drive?

Well I'll tell you. The answer to your question is work. I do not want to be at work today.

Back in the day at college, I was known for my ability to skip class with such inept skill. I even kept an email file of all the excuses I ever used for class in my email. I mean, what I did was legendary. However, in school there always came a time for a break.

Work doesn't have those. Shoot me. Seriously. There are far better things I could be doing right now at this very moment, instead of writing this blog from my work space. So in honor of said rebellion, I'm going to list all the things I could be doing instead of being stuck in an office.

1. I could be walking around Campus Corner, starbucks in hand, windowshopping for this fall's shoes.
2. I could be in an airport on my way somewhere fabulous.
3. Annnd while I'm on my way somewhere fabulous, I could be doing my best hungover celebrity impression. You know, the one where they layer their clothes obsessively and wear huge sunglasses while looking like they're bored with life as they are glued to their cellphones. Yes that one.
4. I could be taking a nap with the windows open.
5. I could be reading a book outside.
6. I could be running a Sonic drink to my mom at work.
7. I could be eating Texadelphia.
8. I could be...well...heehee.
9. I could be reading my LSAT books.

Number 9 should say it all people. Seriously, if I would rather be at home reading for my LSAT's, then be here you know I am wanting to skip somethin' fierce.

And yet, here I sit....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Luck vs. Blessings

In his book, The Last Lecture, Randy Pausch says, "Luck is indeed where preparation meets opportunity."

I've been thinking about this statement since yesterday...is it luck or is it a blessing.

Many times, people will say, "I don't believe in luck." Or "life is a matter of chance." And the most common is, "Everything in life happens for a reason." Randy Pausch even says, "We cannot change the cards we are dealt in life. We can only change how we play the hand." All are very conflicting statements.

Luck, it seems is something that happens to you by chance. There is no reason to it. Whereas, a blessing is something that is given or bestowed upon you because God loves you. At least those are opinions based upon my belief system.

But is it really wrong to believe in luck?

If God knows every thing that is to happen, how can there be room for chance? And what about the fact that we have free will?

And that brings us to the pre-destination argument...which I HATE.

God has given us the ability to choose him for unconditional love and everlasting peace.

And yet, at the same time He knows everything that is to happen.

I really don't think that God intended His plan never included complicated arguments such as these.

I truly believe that God's message is as simple as the sentence: God is Love.

But remembering that love is the same for me and my family, as it is for all the criminals and scum in the world is really a hard mouthful to swallow sometimes. He has given us all the choice to do something-however monumental it may be in every measure of success-with our lives...to love him in return.

But this brings me back to my original question, does luck exist? Or is everything given to us a blessing? I'm not against blessings, but I am certainly confused about them. Is there a possibility that luck exists in some situations?

Hmmm....these are just some random thoughts I thought about yesterday. That's all.

Friday, September 12, 2008

shoulda, coulda, woulda

We shoulda voted Hillary Clinton.
We coulda showed them what a real bull dog looks like.
We woulda never seen Sarah Palin.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

the birthday post...

You say it's your birthday
It's my birthday too--yeah
They say it's your birthday
We're gonna have a good time
I'm glad it's your birthday
Happy birthday to you.
The Beatles, White Album

You knew this was coming and at this point I wonder why you're even surprised.

Today is my birthday kids. I am going to be the Big "Two Dozen". I now use a whole box of candles as my brother and sister like to inform me. Often times, on this day people ask what I think about the most...besides the lame "well do you feel any older" question.

And honestly, I think about my mom and my dad. I know it sound SUPER cheesy, but it's true.

When I really began to get into history when I was younger, which by the way was 9 or 10, I became very interested in what my history was. (And yes, my nerd-dom started that early.) And so usually I think about what my mom was thinking about on my birthday. You know we celebrate the person who was born, but I always remember her. Don't get me wrong I love the attention that comes with this day because my parents have always made it special, not to mention the countless phone calls, text messages and fbook wall posts from the friends. And then there's the obscene amount of gifts that roll in for the day.

But I really think about her.

Was she scared? Nervous? Excited? And I know the answer to all of these questions are a resounding "Yes!" But I still wish I could have been there. I'm the oldest and so there are lots of things that would happen, that would never happen again. Guess that's why it is one of those things I'll have to ask Jesus, if I can watch the video. I think that's why she always makes me and my siblings day so special. Bcause it was special for her too.

Now my dad is a totally different story. I think about my dad because I wonder what music/book he is going to bring to me. For as long as I can remember my dad has given me a book or a cd for my birthday. And usually, it is something that goes with my life for that year or for the world for that matter. (I'm pretty sure he bought me my first Kennedy book too!) The year that I turned 16 I even got a cd. They had already bought me a car, but my dad was adament that I have music to go in the car.

"How can you get down the road without your music blaring to the right music?" he said.

Music and a love of reading are two things that my dad and I will always share.

So today, at 2:32 pm, I'm sure I'll think about them...and smile.

Monday, September 8, 2008

new look

Edit: PLBD for life.
Check out my new look y'all!

the gifts are a rollin' in these days...

This week is my birthday week. And this weekend we went to Norman to celebrate with my sister who won't be home for my birthday and some friends. We had a blast. And the image you're viewing is the image of my new camera that my hubby gave to me for my birthday. I love this thing. Soon you should be seeing pictures on my blog and on facebook.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Wednesday is "Gossip Girl" Day...

Today's post will be educational in the sense that, what you're reading are facts about me.

  • I have started watching Gossip Girls online. I'm only on episode 3 of the first season. So I'm Team van der Woodsen...surprise....surprise. Maybe things will change...maybe.
  • I found a way to spice up the ol' blog. Thank u Megan Tree! My new blog look should occur sometime next week!
  • It has been raining all day long. I came to work today, unfortunately. However, I have made up my mind that next month I will be taking a rain day.
  • My bestie is sick way up in the Big Apple and I asked her if she went to the big "New York Hospital"? After I sent the text, I realized how ridiculous I really sounded. Because as we all know, New York has more than one hospital. Hahaha...I still think it's pretty funny. I guess it is good that I can laugh at myself.
  • I'm going to Norman AGAIN this weekend. I need one ticket at this point people!
  • And this is the blog description that I sent to Shauna....what do we think kids?
  • The name of my blog is kind of a description of me. Ruby is for my favorite movies, the Wizard of Oz and Legally Blonde. I know Legally Blonde makes a person think of pink, but if you think of the movie you'll know that every Elle has a signature color and ruby red is mine. I am an alumni of the University of Oklahoma as well and it is also one of the colors from my sorority. I am a newlywed, and in the spirit of being a newlywed, I decided to "collect" turtles...because new wives are supposed to do that right? Plus my last name starts with a "T" now. And finally the hippie represents my political views, while it may come off as a liberal since that is what hippies are typically known for, I'm referring to the grassroots of the Democratic party...aka John Kennedy. I'm all about public service and the environment, which puts me politically moderate. And my style fashion wise goes with JAckie Kennedy, so I'm a preppy hippie, if that's possible. And finally if I had to choose between Los Angeles or New York for a fast lane life, I'd pick LA. And just for the hey, I love fleur de lis!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

caught in the daily muck of things...

Okay so back to Randy Pausch's book, "The Last Lecture". I know it's rather lame for me to discuss a book, but this thing has really stuck out to me on several issues of the heart.

At one point in his lecture, he mentions that he would rather have a genuine person as opposed to a hip person. And it got me thinking...
Many times in life, I will often see others do something, say something, wear something etc., and decide I want to do the same for myself. I even do this on my blog people. I will read someone else's blogs and think to myself, "Self, you should do a post like that." Or I will see an outfit that I just have to have. And then I can't wait to get it, of course in both situations, I add my own style or touch. Is that genuine? There are so many things about my life that I love and so many things in my life that I can't wait to change. The problem with that last part is that for the most part they are situations that are out of my hands. Things like getting into law school, and where our next move will be (hopefully anywhere but Oklahoma, unless it is Norman) and what kind of house we'll have. Those things I cannot do any more than what I do daily to achieve those dreams, but the waiting part just seems forever long and then I waste my time by wishing away the days to get to these things in life.

I think maybe I am struggling with contentment, but I'm not sure that is the right word either. I know what my battle is and what I need to rectify the situation. I am happy in some aspects, but when I read things like this book, I find myself wondering if I am truly genuine. If what you see from me, Samantha, is truly what you get?

I guess my concern is that when I like what the people are wearing or the ideals they live by in life, I wonder does that make me shady to want to change? Or am I ever working on making myself...a better person?

Hmmm...what to think...am I genuine or hip?

Maybe I'm both, so then am I gip/henuine?

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