Monday, August 11, 2008

well maybe you should...

Reading the Twilight series obsessively...check...I'm reading the last book now.
New Vera...check and check...
Flip-flops with changeable straps...check!!!!

As you can tell, my retail therapy skills have kicked in high gear recently....but I digress.

I wanted to talk about the latest stress of my school.
Normally, when I think about a subject regularly and by regularly I mean every other ten seconds, I dream about it. My dreams are very very very vivid. Well I had a dream that I applied to Harvard, NYU Brigham Young (I don't even know where to start on my thoughts about this one!) and UCLA. None of these schools are schools that I ever planned on applying to for grad school. I only got accepted to UCLA. When I woke up I was really excited about it. I even got online to buy a Bruins t-shirt just because it seemed like good luck. That was about a week ago.

TODAY, I was talking to one of the defense attorney's who used to practice with one of the prosecutors in the office. And he asked, you're applying to law school right? And I said, yes. Of course he asked where and I told him all the schools in the state. And he said when you get ready for TU let me know I know so and so on the board of admissions. I said okay. And he said, no I mean I really know this lady, let me help you. I said okay. Then he told me to make sure and take it when I was ready....and that to wait until December.

And he asked if I thought of applying out of state...and for some reason I just felt really compelled to tell him about my UCLA dream.

And I said, "Well I thought about UCLA just for the heck of it."
And he said, "well maybe you should...because I did my undergrad there."

It was one of those deals where your breath just sucks in and the world stops.

So maybe I'll apply to UCLA after all.

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