Friday, August 1, 2008

well actually officer....

So, yesterday I was on my way home from work. I feeling a little more feisty than usual about getting home. Maybe it was the music I was listening to...maybe it was the idiot who refused to get out of the fast lane that I needed to teach them a lesson... (I stared them down as I passed naturally.)...who knows. But I was driving over the speed limit. I know shocker, right? I came over the hill and there was an OHP (Okla. Highway Patrol). He turned around and I knew immediately that I was a cooked chicken. He came up on me and drove behind me for quite some time.

I'm thinking to myself, "Can we just go ahead and get the embarrassment over? People know me around these parts."

He soon turned his lights on...and I pulled over. The conversation went down like this...

Officer: License and registration please.
Me: Here you are, sir.
(My thought): Someone shoot me please.

Officer: I clocked you going 77 in a 65 coming over the hill.
Me: Oh...
(My thought): well actually, officer, my cruise control was set for the upside of 75, but what you don't know won't hurt you.)

Officer: Are ya just coming home from work?
Me: Yes sir, just ready to be home.

Officer: Where do you work?
Me: for the sake of my prvacy, insert place of business in your head here: " **'* ******" (by the way this response was in a serious and I mean serious whisper)
(My thought): Please don't ask me again.

Officer: I'm sorry I didn't hear you.
Me: (clearing my throat), repeat the answer but louder.
(my thought) : I am mortified!!!

Officer: I'll be right back

Five minutes later....

Officer: I'm going to give you a warning.
Me: Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.
(my thought): Hallelujah! I can breathe again!

I got back on the highway and went on my merry way home. My job has some serious advantages.


Katherine said...

as jealous as I am (I'm currently in the process of dealing with a traffic ticket I got in June.) I am also very glad that you escaped the wrath of the fuzz.

Hope you have a wonderful Monday morning, i miss you my dear!

emmy said...

Ohhh I love that. And I love that I could hear those things going through your head.

P.S. Do I dazzle you? ;)

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