Monday, August 25, 2008

Just for this moment...

I've got several things on my mind today. It's not anything bad, just lots I want to say. It might sound silly, but I kinda consider this blog, my place to speak about my thoughts on this world. It is most likely the most successful journal that I've ever written. And if I reach someone outside those who regularly read this, then good deal. Now that I've said that, let's move on to the issues of the day.

I've been in quite a reflective mood here recently. This usually happens after I have spent some extensive time doing one thing. It can be traveling, reading, learning, painting, watching a TV series, etc.When I am learning about something, I generally read everything I can get my hands on to be as knowledgeable as possible about whatever that subject may be. I'm not exactly sure why I do this. Maybe this is the student coming out in myself. I think that I have been reflective as much as I have because of what I'm currently reading. (And it's not the Twilight series. I finished that last week people.) This weekend, I bought the book, "The Last Lecture" by Randy Pausch. This is the infamous college professor who literally took the assignment to be part of the "Last Lecture" series on his campus as he was notified that his pancreatic cancer was terminal. The pop culture fanatic in myself couldn't resist reading this book as I hated to not be in the know about this national phenom of a speech. I didn't really get a chance to get into it because we were halfway home by the time I I kinda just stopped because I wanted to watch the speech itself. So I did when I got home. I was completely floored. I didn't really know what to expect and then when I found out that I was watching a computer science professor I was even more entertained by the fact that I was on the edge of my seat. After I watched the lecture, I watched his interview with Diane Sawyer. And of course now I'm picking apart the book. This is definitely a must read. There are so many things that I took from the lecture that I am still trying to process. Maybe I'll post on them a little later this week. The Last Lecture can be viewed at: .
But two of the things that stuck out to me was that he loved cliches' and that he talked about his childhood dreams. Now I am one of the most sentimental people that you will ever meet. But I'm quirky about the things that I'm sentimental over. I know shocker...I mean you're reading the post of a girl who only sends facebook flair if she thinks it will be a private joke or reveal something about who the person is. Yes I take it that seriously. And recently I've been very sentimental about school.
It's probably because I can't go.
All I've been thinking about are the various parts of my undergrad life. And this morning, I listened to my "Senior Year" playlist on my iPod on my way to work. For every song, I can think of a moment in time of my life. I can smell the way the room smelled, see everything as it was in that exact moment. For example the song "How to Save a Life" by The Fray makes me think of my first fall semester, which was my sister's first semester at OU. We had a candle that smelled like mocha something. I can't remember the name specifically. And we watched the entire first season of Grey's the weekend before school started. And Sean Kingston's "Beautiful Girls" makes me think of Phi Lamb Rush, Chicken Express Unsweet Tea, and driving Barb the Burb down Lindsay right before the train tracks. Barb the Burb is aka my mom's suburban. I have a very vivid memory as you can see.

And the second part that stuck out to me is about what I wanted to be when I grew up. Well now, I want to be an attorney or a professor pending acceptance letters from one or the other grad schools.

But when I was really little I wanted to the president of the United States of America or a marinebiologist....and much to my parents surprise, a teacher. I don't think I've ever openly admitted that last one outloud until now.
And my parents told me that I could do either one. My whole world has been wrapped up in those three dreams even though I've never realized it. The reason that I thought a marinebiologist was so cool was because it meant that I could discover things and break new ground. You know, see things that no one had ever seen before. And I think that this is where my immense love of traveling and learning new things first rooted in my life. And the second dream has come to fruition through my love of politics and the American Dream. That is evident in every movie, song or book that I've ever loved. Isn't that just so interesting? And finally this last dream is very evident in that I cannot learn enough it seems. Brandon's cousin this weekend told us that he wants to go for his PHD and he said that he didn't know what he would do without the structure of school in his life. I could not agree more. And a lady that I work with who does not like to read, is now reading through the Twilight series. I felt so accomplished when she came to me the first time and was like I hate reading, but I absolutely love these books. Now it's not something off the classics list, but I figure the New York Times Best Selling List is not too bad either.

And anyways...kind of an odd way to end a post, but that's all I've got it seems. On another note, I'm going to see House Bunny tonight. Should be funny.

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