Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Wednesday is "Dawson's Creek" Day

As many of you know, I am a HUGE Dawson's Creek fan. This show is quite sentimental for me. It started in seventh grade and ended the Wednesday before I graduated from high school. As one might imagine, I was an emotional mess after watching that show because I was in a "everything was ending!" freaking out mode of my life. Little did I know what college was soon to bring to me. I never imagined things would turn out the way they did. I had so many different expectations that were silly and never turned out to be. And the things that did happen changed my life forever. But I digress...

Today we're here to get some form of education out of something as trivial as a teenage angst tv series. Well let's see what I've got. In the second season of Dawson's Creek, Joey decides that she must find herself. So she breaks things off with Dawson. Of course an episode later, she is with Jack and Dawson throws one of his all too typical temper tantrums. Only an episode before he understood Joey and her problem. Now when she has contradicted her statement this moment of understanding has passed. Initially I found myself flustered with Dawson and his impatience. But then I found myself really frustrated with Joey. Because she is a prime example of my "say it out loud" theory.

The "Say it Out Loud" Theory goes a little like this. IF you say something out loud in any public forum about how you are struggling, triumphing, or having an epiphany over then it comes back to bite you in the butt. And when I say, "Bite you in the butt". I mean, " It soon becomes a test of your life." So back to Joey, she says that she wants to find herself and needs to be alone, but only an episode later she is with Jack. This example crosses over into my life as well....

Last week I wrote about moving forward with my life. And for the most part I have. But it seems like the line, "I can no longer let people make me feel bad" has begun to see how much I really mean it. In almost every situation of my life where I deal with that statement I found myself facing it this weekend. I think this happens because typically what you're dealing with is such a vulnerable spot in your life. So Satan uses that opportunity for all that it is worth.

I'll explain it like this.
Imagine yourself getting ready for some event. It is important and you want your make-up to look just right. So spending an little extra time is a must. You get ready and on the way to the event, something happens to cause for your make-up to ruin completely. And you realize that you did not pack back up make-up. The night is ruined.

Okay, so maybe the night isn't ruined. More than likely you can turn around, fix the make-up and arrive fashionable late. And no one will think anything of it. In fact, God usually takes care of these situations for you. But my point goes back to the messed up make-up. As much as we plan our lives out to be one way, they never are. As soon as I claimed to be past something, there was a kink in the plan, however big or small, to see if I really meant what I said. I don't want to sound like a whiner about this situation, because I'm not. I accept this challenge wholeheartedly because I'm one of the most competitive people out there.

This time I think I passed.

P.S. A poll if you will...Dawson vs. Pacey. Who should Joey have picked?

P.P.S. I just finished watching the episode where Pacey stays up all night watching Joey sleep.

Edit: I need a cool layout for the ole' blogerino. All the ones they offer stink. So any suggestions about where I could find someone to make a cool layout?

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