Thursday, July 24, 2008

john thoughts...

So I don't bring up work all that much on here. I think it's because I think my cover will be blown...whatever that means. But this topic is safe to discuss I suppose.

I answer the phones and work the front counter as part of my duties for this job. So this presents two problems:

1. I do not have my own office where I can go and shut the door if I need to get some things done.
2. I have to get someone to cover the front so I can excuse myself to the restroom.

Today I'll be discussing the second issue.

People, I feel like I'm in second grade and I have to get someone's permission to go to the bathroom!!!!! OMG you guys. I cannot walk away when I have the first urge to go. And it seriously irks me. I mean really, is it necessary for me to do this. Now my boss freaks if I am not at the counter or if I can't get to the phones. It is part of my job so I'm not going to say anything, but honestly, if I need to go to the bathroom I should be able to go whenever I'd like. Instead I have to wait to see if someone is not busy. Several of the girls have offered to help out, but a couple of those who offered sometimes give me this look/sound irritated when I ask them about it. This is not like someone has said to me, let me know if I can do anything for you after someone has died. This is an every day issue, as in every day I have to go. Obviously I don't ask those who shoot the looks/make the sighs when I asked anymore. And when I do find someone I go as fast as I possibly can because I feel so bad about asking them.

Today all of that changes.

When I ask someone to come out front, I'm going to mosey out into the hall and use the public restroom and get a pop. I don't smoke disgusting ciggies, so I don't get a smoke break, which by the way is ridiculous. I don't get a break to go outside and shoot the bull. So why do people get a break to smoke and ruin their lungs? I mean all I would be doing is talking INSIDE the courthouse...and I wouldn't be ruining my lungs or anyone elses for that matter.

Okay, I'm really not going to do that, because I really do feel bad about leaving people out front. And also because I know how I do things and I like that way better than others...because I'm just that OCD. I guess I just needed a chance to complain about the john protocol for me at work.

Peace yo.

P.S. Still need help on that layout for the blog issue.

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