Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Wednesday is Oklahoma Day.

  • Oklahoma became a state on November 16, 1907. ( I am a centennial graduate.)
  • Three universities were founded in 1890. They are the University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University and the University of Central Oklahoma. There is much dispute about which school was started first. But as any proper Oklahoman knows, "There's only ONE Oklahoma."
  • Northeastern State University is the second oldest institution of higher learning WEST of the Mississippi.
  • A "Sooner" is someone who crossed the line early before the infamous Oklahoma Territory Land Run on April 22,1889.
  • A "Boomer" is an oil man/woman.
  • There are 79 federally recognized Native AMerican Indian tribes in Oklahoma. ( I am Cherokee.)
  • There have been 26 governors in the history of the state of Oklahoma. (I've met George Nigh, David Walters, Frank Keating, Brad Henry and David L. Boren.)
  • Alfalfa Bill Murray was one of the most controversial figures in Oklahoma history. He was the president of the convention to make Oklahoma a state and later...much later a governor. He is known for trying to take down several institutions of higher learning including OU. Ironically Murray State College is named after him in Tishimingo, Oklahoma.
  • In the 1930a during the Dust Bowl era, large numbers of farmers fleeing ecological disaster and the Great Depression migrated from the Great Plains and Southwest regions to California mostly along historic Route 66. More of the migrants were from Oklahoma than any other state, and a total of approximately 15% of the Oklahoma population left for California]
    Ben Reddick, a free-lance journalist and later publisher of the Paso Robles Daily Press, is credited with first using the term Okie, in the mid-1930s, to identify migrant farm workers. He noticed the "OK" abbreviation (for Oklahoma) on many of the migrant’s license plates and referred to them in his article as "Okies." Californians began calling all migrants "Okies," regardless of whether they were actually from Oklahoma.
    Many West Coast residents and some politically motivated writers used Reddick's term to disparage these poor, white (including those of mixed American Indian ancestry, the largest tribal group being Cherokees), migrant workers and their families. The term was made famous nationwide by John Steinbeck's novel The Grapes of Wrath.
    Will Rogers, an Okie immigrant to California himself, once remarked jokingly that the Okies arriving in California increased the average intelligence of both states.
  • The E.W. Marland and the Phillips families are among the most famous in the oil industry. You might know their company as ConocoPhillips.
  • The Marland Mansion is in Ponca City. (Brandon is from there.)
  • The Phillips made several contributions including Wool-A-Roc, the Philbrook, the Philmont and the Boy Scout Ranch in New Mexico. Their mansion is in Bartlesville.
  • Will Rogers and Carrie Underwood are among the famous from Oklahoma.
  • Carl Albert is the most famous congressman from Oklahoma and was the main man for many years in the House.

And that is just a little bit of Oklahoma's grand history...and your educational post for Wednesday.


Brandon said...

were we bored?

emmy said...

Thanks for the starter kit. :)

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