Thursday, June 26, 2008

A little boob-tube never hurt anybody...

As we all know, primetime TV is on the red light these days. And so we've all had to resort to reality tv shows and cable. Well thank ye Lord, because graciously this summer we have some pretty decent shows out there. Here are my top three picks.

  1. Legally Blonde: I'll admit I was not exactly pumped when I first starting listening to the soundtrack, but this show has definitely put me in the fan club. I watched the musical with Laura Bell Bundy on MTV like the rest of the Broadway freaks out in the world, but still wasn't impressed. I mean it was like watching golf on TV. Okay hopefully now you are with me. Nonetheless, I am now rooting for Bailey, for the obvious reason. She is from the South y'all. I also like Natalie. She is a definite underdog. And Rhianion, she has the best smile/facials. Emma should definitely not be ruled out for the fact that she has the history behind her. But it doesn't mean that I'ma rootin' for her. The same to Autumn as well. However, she is growing on me.
  2. The Baby Borrowers: I do not watch NBC, unless the Olympics are going strong. But I just so happened to surf there last night and Brandon and I stumbled upon this show. Seriously, it is the BEST form of birth control I have ever seen in my life for teenagers. It basically makes them see the stark reality of raising kids. They get to think about the consequences to their actions. I am not kidding you. You should watch it at least once to watch how they deal with...well responsibility.
  3. Army Wives: While I do not agree with the war by any means at this point, I still cannot imagine what it is like to give of yourself every day for your country like these women do. This show is probably the best cable show out there. It's a reality check I'm sure for so many people who live this life daily. My respect for my grandma has grown immensely. And my mom and I are glued to the TV every Sunday night at 9pm.

And that's it I suppose.


emmy said...

Okay, now seriously? Did you really compare a piece of musical theater to GOLF? Unacceptable.

But go Bailey. And Rhiannon.

Katherine said...


But i love you still.

rent moonstruck and watch it with brandon or jess.

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