Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I call this ..."Thoughts on Grey's"

The Namesake...aka...Meredith Grey...
Well all I have to say is thank the Lord for therapy. I am very glad that her psychiatrist has helped her to pull her head out of her butt. She definitely faced a lot of her "demons" so to speak this very short half of the season. And OMG for her and Derek finally getting together! I absolutely loved the houseplan that she had drawn up at the end of the episode. Very sentimental and yes, I did cry a little. And P.-freaking-S. I absolutely loved that she got the sparkle pager earlier in the season!

Dr. McDreamy...aka...Derek Shepherd
I'll be honest and say that I've had a serious love/hate relationship with him this season...as well as the Derek & Meredith relationship. And I don't just mean this past season. He has definitely been a poop head this season. But when he went to break things off smoothly with Rose, I was hooked. I hope that this relationship lasts for awhile. They need some happiness.

Dr. McSteamy...aka...Mark Sloan
I've decided that I actually feel sorry for this dude. Manwhore completely, but totally upfront with that issue. I appreciate his honesty. And quite frankly the nurses knew that as well. So their whole strike deal was kinda...well a lot...hypocritical of themselves. Unfortunately, Callie has decided she is bicurious at the moment. So he is left with no one.
But I've been thinking about this...how about Izzie? Sit on it a little bit before you get upset about my suggestion.

Denny Dukette Center for 1?...aka...Izzie Stephens
I was very happy with Izzie receiving the Dukette Center. She is after all the one that put it in motion and her heart is there. She seemed to have regained her footing and told Alex Karev off. Thank goodness. Although I don't know where the story ended with her and Karev. You know the part where he begged for sex so he could feel better and stop thinking about things? Yeah...I was not okay with that at all. It sorta seemed like a "I don't know which way I'm going with this" moment for her.

Major Therapy Needed...aka...Alex Karev
I do not like him...at all. There is no way of convincing me otherwise. I'm sorry that his mom went through her problems and that Ava did as well. But going to someone to get some to make yourself feel better, is not cool.

Dr. Heinous Bitty...aka...Dr. Hahn.
I really really really do not like her. I don't understand this hate stance she's had against Dr. Yang this season. At first, I thought it was a little unfair of her to make her take a step back. You know kind of remind her that everyone else gets a turn too. But when it became apparent that it was because she just doesn't like her or Burke for that matter, I say get over yourself. And props to Dr. Webber for telling her how it is. And additional props to Christina for teaching Lexi the stitching that she learned from Burke. And I'm glad we figured out her man-hating issues were due to the fact that is gay...I guess. I don't really know. I can't tell if Callie is bi-curious or both of them are.

Loser of Sparkle Pager...aka...Christina Yang
This has been a half season of humility for this girl. First she gets dissed by Dr. Hahn, then by Dr. Burke and she only seems to fall further down. But two of the things that i loved from her is that she finally showed some emotion/hurt from Burke when she gave her sex survey. And she is going to be a very good teaching doctor....which I still am rather stunned by.

Long lost sister...aka...Lexi Grey
I really am beginning to like how her character is developing. She definitely seems to fit right into the group well. I loved that she decorated the apartment and brought George out of his slump. Letting him know that he was only one point off and that he was destined to be great was the shot of get up and go that he needed. And as we all saw in the last episode, she has begun to develop a few feelings for our dear Georgie.

Big Chief Intern...aka...George O'Malley
I never am disappointed with this character. I mean it. Not even during his Callie phase. The deal with him and Lexi will hopefully turn out wonderfully. And I'm thinking that if he passes his retake that he may be on his way to kicking 2 year resident bootay.

The Chief...aka...Dr. Webber
I think that going back to Adele may not work out for him again. At the end of the day he just can't walk away from that job.

Little Chief...aka...Miranda Bailey
We all knew that at some point Dr. Bailey's world would come crashing in on her. She is the only one who had not taken a blow on the show. She definitely took a step in the right direction with lettting go of the DUkette Clinic. Let's see if she stays true to herself. Like Dr. Webber, she struggles majorly with letting others help her.

and well that's all folks.

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