Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This post is just some random statements about my life in all the good, bad and ugly ways that I find myself lately.

  • Brandon and I operate on a very limited budget every month due to one income. And every month just when things get too close for comfort, God provides that money that is NEEDED. And I am completely blown away by it every time.
  • Apparently, my grandpa and I haven't been on speaking terms for the past 6 months b/c I didn't answer a phone call from him while I was in international waters. I can honestly say that I have never been in trouble with this man in my ENTIRE life. Like I'm talking in all of the 23 years, 9 months and 14 days of my life. So you can imagine how freaked I am about this situation. More details on this situation as it progresses.
  • My grannie gets a little worse every day. And by worse I mean ruder. She struggles very much so with the fact that she does not remember things as she should. At this point, I'm the next person that she will "lose." I just wish things would come to an END on this situation. I do not want to remember her this way or my family for that matter.
  • Brandon and I have been married for 6 MONTHS. I cannot wrap my mind around that. It is so weird that things have flown by the way they have. It definitely has been interesting to say the least. And I don't mean one bad thing by that at all.
  • My rock out music recently has been Taylor Swift and Sara Bareilles. I have no idea how these two artists go together, but I cannot get ENOUGH of them. They both have put solid albums out that by which I am thoroughly impressed. And for those of you who know me well, I sing my lungs out in the car when it is just me. Occasionally Jessi will be with me or vice versa and when I'm with her, it is a Judd's Fest here recently. Yes I'm talking about Naomi and Wynona. But for the most part I'm a solo act. This morning I'm pretty sure I'm bee-boppin' along busting a gut with Taylor Swift on singing "Tied Together with a Smile", and I pass my boss. I would not have known that it was him because I am totally oblivious to those around me, except for the fact that I passed him. I'm one of those eye down people passers. You know, the kind that look you up and down as if to say, "Why yes, I am Billy Bada$$ who just passed you. I'm burning rubber and you can eat my dust." And he has the biggest crap-eating grin on his face because I had the full head bobbin' action going on with my performance (Jackie O sunglasses included). While realistically I was mortified, I just kept on going like it was no big deal. I'm sure he was highly amused. Thankfully he hasn't brought it up today at work. The attorneys have plenty to teast me about as is...I'm sure they don't need any other amo to help out the cause.
  • Work is going WELL by the way. I still hate the drive, but I look forward to coming every day.
  • My vocabulary has returned to its Southern roots recently Y'ALL. I've been in Small Town, Oklahoma too long and need help. As you can see the y'all inserted without a second thought to go with it. So a road trip is soon to be in the works.
  • We spent the weekend in the pool and I got a little burned, but TANNED the very next day.
  • And finally, it has occurred to me that there are multiple situations in my life where family members have hurt me...and I never receive an apology for it. I can count 5 people specifically and these are major infractions. Some I've not received for almost 3 years now. And when talking about it with a very good friend of mine about it, she pointed out how the simple words, "I'M SORRY" said/unsaid can have such a power in one's life. For me, it is very hard to work on the forgiveness that we are called upon by God to give to those who have hurt us.

    But is forgiveness a one time deal or is it something that we work on every day?

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emmy said...

First of all, I love ya, and I love hearing about the good, bad and ugly going on in your life - though of course, I prefer for there to be more good.

And honestly, I think that in some situations, you have to choose to forgive the person every time you think of them or the infraction until it doesn't sting to think about it anymore.

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