Monday, May 19, 2008

Well it had to happen sometime, I suppose.

I was pulled the Cussing Police.

Yes, it might sound silly, but I was not very happy at the time. A new friend of mine called me on the situation and caught me two more times.
Now the two other times were instances where I something to the effect of "my iPod is really kick-A!"
And she said "You might as well say the word b/c we know that's what you were thinking."

Well suck a big hairy toe. I know my cussing habits can be pretty bad occasionally. It has been something that I've been working on recently. But what about if it makes you really mad or hurts really bad? Like you get drop-kicked in the head for instance, is it okay to say a dirty word then? I'm really not trying to make excuses. I am quite serious about this inquiry.

When is it okay to say a bad word and who makes up those rules? Is it biblical? If so, I want some I'm not kidding.


Katherine said...

well in my Irish Catholic family, cussing is fine as long as you don't bring the good Lord into it, in which case it would be sinful.

using foul language doesn't put you in the best light but it isn't a sin.

I'm sure when Jesus saw the Pharises prancing around with their pretentious money-hungry hands, he muttered an "Oh Shit, What the Fuck do you think you are doing?"

emmy said...

As a Southern Belle, you should know that cursing is never in good taste, but that sometimes we have to set our taste aside to get our point across. :)

And that you can make anything nicer by adding "Bless her little heart."

And nearly everything on this site :

But, I digress...

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